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For deliveries:
UW Office of Research
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4000 15th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98195

For emergency personnel (when calling 911):
1704 NE Grant Lane
University of Washington
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OR: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • OR DEI Charter
  • OR DEI Committee Membership
    • Sarah Lambino Larson (Committee Chair), Technology Project Manager, Office of Research Information Services
    • Emily Berrios, Compliance Analyst, Office of Research Central
    • Maria Card, Director Human Resources, Applied Physics Lab
    • Casey Evans, Post Approval Monitor, Human Subjects Division
    • Dana Gold, IRB Administrator, Human Subjects Division
    • Heather Herrera, Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost, Office of Research Central
    • Stephanie Huang, Program Operations Specialist, Office of Animal Welfare Research Support Services
    • Lowell Jones, Human Resources Dept Manager/Admin, Applied Physics Lab
    • Selesteen Jimenez, IACUC Program Coordinator, Office of Animal Welfare
    • Masashi (David) Lundberg, Grant Analyst, Office of Sponsored Programs
    • Courtney Miller, Grant and Contract Manager, Washington National Primate Research Center
    • Kelly Morrisroe, Research Scientist/Engineer, Washington National Primate Research Center
    • Jon Sallows, Program Assistant, Office of Sponsored Programs
    • Virginia Thomas, Technology Project Manager, Office of Research Information Service
  • Responsibilities of unit directors to the OR-wide DEI Committee
    • Allocate an average of 5% time per unit representative (or, an average of 4 hours weekly for a unit with 2 representatives) for their work on the DEI Committee
    • Provide time and support for DEI-related professional development each year for one or more members of the unit, and provide feedback to ExCom on utility of the course to other OR staff
    • Evaluate Committee recommendations for feasibility, work with the Committee if revisions are needed, and integrate accepted recommendations into operational areas
    • Regularly meet with DEI Committee members to stay aware of and facilitate DEI efforts in the unit
    • Actively track and assess initiatives, projects and steps taken


  • How to forward a phone when not at work (remote access forwarding) RAF permits remote activation of the Call Forwarding feature (forwarding a phone number to another number). Contact UW-IT to add the RAF feature to a number. A personal security code and the appropriate system access number will be provided to use the RAF feature.The Send All Calls (SAC) function overrides Call Forwarding functions so be sure it is not active when forwarding the number.
    • To ACTIVATE RAF:Dial the appropriate access number.
      Listen for dial tone.
      Enter *172.
      Listen for dial tone.
      Enter your 5-digit extension followed by #.
      Enter your personal security code followed by #.
      Listen for dial tone.
      Enter the number to which you are forwarding.
      Enter 5-digit extension for campus numbers
      Enter 9 + 10-digits for local/RCS numbers
      Enter 9 + 1 + 10-digits for long distance numbers*
      Listen for confirmation tone.*Forward campus numbers to local number. If the campus number being forwarded has unrestricted direct dial long distance access, calls can be forwarded to a long distance number. If so, each call will be charged at long distance rates.
    • To DEACTIVATE RAF:Dial the appropriate access number.
      Listen for dial tone.
      Enter *173.
      Listen for dial tone.
      Enter your 5-digit extension followed by #.
      Enter your personal security code followed by #.
      Listen for confirmation tone.
      Hang up.

      • Enabling email notification of missed calls:
      • 1. Go to Web PhoneManager at https://voicemail.tel.washington.edu/ to log on.
      • 2. Enter your 7-digit mailbox number.
      • 3. Enter your voicemail security code.
      • 4. Manage your mailbox settings such as message notification and greetings.
      • 5. On the left, click Notifications Settings.
      • 6. Select the E-mail tab at the top.
      • 7. Check Enable Simple UM Notification.
      • 8. Enter your UW email address in the E-Mail Address field.
      • 9. Check Include WAV Attachment, if desired.
      • 10. Click Okay.
  • Travel Resources

    ORC Travel Flow Chart (PDF)

    Alaska Airlines currently is the State Contract Air Carrier that provides a base level price. You must use a State Contract Carrier unless your flight meets one of the following exceptions:
    1. You find a cheaper flight.
    2. The contract airline does not have a flight that meets your needs.
    3. There are no seats available on a particular flight.
    4. There is no contract airfare to the particular destination.

    You will likely find a cheaper flight with a non-State Contract Carrier, but it is critical that you consult the base level price before you purchase your ticket. You risk not getting reimbursed for the full amount of your ticket if you do not meet one of these exceptions. Find contract airfare rates here: https://finance.uw.edu/travel/airfare#statecontractfares

    If you would like to be connected with OR’s state-approved travel agent, please contact Jeff Babauta. The benefit of working with a travel agent is that they are familiar with the rules and regulations and can directly charge ORC’s central travel card (CTA).

    You can be reimbursed for the actual cost of your train ticket.

    Car Rental
    Check UW’s travel website for details: https://finance.uw.edu/travel/GroundTransportation#CarRental. Note that car rentals have a lot of guidelines.
    Driving Your Own Car or Mobile Home

    Check UW’s Travel website for the mileage rate: https://finance.uw.edu/travel/GroundTransportation#Mileage


    Meals are reimbursed at a federal per diem rate (domestic: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/category/21287 or foreign: http://aoprals.state.gov/Web920/per_diem.asp) that varies depending on what city/county/country you are traveling to.

    Note that travelers will not receive per diem for any meals provided at a conference and/or meeting, regardless of whether or not the traveler actually ate those meal(s).


    Lodging is determined by the federal per diem rate (domestic: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/category/21287 or foreign: http://aoprals.state.gov/Web920/per_diem.asp) which varies depending on what city/county/country you are traveling to. However, lodging is often more expensive than the listed per diem rate. If there is an applicable exception, as listed on the Travel Office’s website https://finance.uw.edu/travel/perdiem#exceptionstoperdiem, you are allowed to stay in lodging that costs more than the listed per diem. The most frequent exception is that the traveler is staying in the conference hotel (requires documentation).

    Allowable # of nights:
    – The night before official business: in general, staying the night before business starts the next day is allowable unless business starts later in the day and there is a flight that can get the traveler there at a reasonable time.

    – The last day of official business: if there is no way for the traveler to return home by 10pm on the last day of business then lodging on the final day of business is generally allowable.

    Miscellaneous Expenses

    (General info below, and additional details related to miscellaneous expenses on the UW’s Travel website: https://finance.uw.edu/travel/miscexpenses)

    Paying for Trip

    Please note that we can pay for your trip with a variety of approaches discussed below:

    Per Diem Advance
    You may receive travel money before your trip. The amount of the per diem advance is based off of federal meal and lodging rates (administrative staff will sort this for you). However, this option is only available to travelers who will be employed after the date they return from traveling.

    Department pays for expenses before you travel
    The Office of Research can pay your airfare, conference registration, and certain other miscellaneous expenses before your trip. We are only allowed to pre-pay lodging expenses for students travelers and non-UW visitors coming to UW.

    UW Travel Card
    Frequent UW travelers may be eligible for a personal UW Travel Card. See the Travel Office’s website for more information: https://finance.uw.edu/ps/how-to-buy/travel-purchasing/itc

    You may pay for your expenses and submit receipts for reimbursement. This can happen before your travel for any pre-paid expenditures or after your travel. OR will process an Expense Report (ER) for reimbursement which will be deposited directly into the back account associated with your payroll deposits. Any item over $75 will require receipts except for daily food receipts which are reimbursed at a federal per diem rate.