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COVID-19 Research Submissions

Use the standard eGC1 process for administrative supplement requests, other proposal submissions or agreements related to COVID-19 research. Include “C19” as a prefix to the short title label.

GIM 19 Waivers Related to COVID-19

If you need a GIM 19 waiver related to COVID-19:

  • Formal Chair or Dean letter is not required for proposals impacted by or related to COVID-19
  • Proposal Impacted by COVID-19? Submit your waiver request to Carol Rhodes at carhodes@uw.edu
  • COVID 19 related research proposal? GIM 19 waiver authority has been granted to your analyst; submit your request directly to them

Communicating COVID-19 Impacts

Following these steps to communicate COVID-19 impacts to your sponsored program will fulfill sponsor documentation requirements.

  • PI should reach out to the Program Officer by email
  • Use: “C19” as a prefix in the subject line
  • CC: the grant or contract administrative rep, e.g.:
    • Grants Management Specialist (NIH grant)
    • Grant Officer (other federal grants)
    • Contracting Officer (federal contracts)
  • CC: osp@uw.edu
  • Describe the specific situation & inability to carry out specific aspects of the research, delays, etc.

OSP will document the communication in SAGE, and be available to confirm as the authorized official or help respond to follow-up questions.

OSP Mission and Vision

We partner with the research community and provide oversight, administrative structure and consultation to enhance researchers’ abilities to obtain and manage sponsored programs.

We are leaders in sponsored program administration. We strive to provide the highest level of professionalism and expertise to support and promote a world-class research environment.

MyResearch Project Lifecycle

MyResearch Lifecycle circular image shows plan/propose, set up, manage and closeout sections of the lifecycle. MyResearch Project Lifecycle represents all activities typically involved in a research project and provides guidance on key stages of the process.

Lifecycle Overview