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Analyze Data

Data are collected and analyzed during the Manage stage. Once data have been collected and validated, they are analyzed according to the protocol established in the Plan/Propose stage. Typically, data analysis leads to acceptance or rejection of the null hypothesis, although other results may be generated from data analysis. Finally, results are derived from the analyzed data. During all activities involving the handling of data, data privacy and security requirements should be fulfilled and best practices followed.


  • The Principal Investigator (PI) is ultimately responsible for all data analysis.
  • Members of the research team may be responsible for analyzing data.
  • Co-investigators may be responsible for reviewing and commenting on data analysis and results.
  • Data privacy and security are ultimately the responsibility of the PI, who also authorizes research team member access to data, as appropriate.
  • All members of the research team handling data are responsible for observing data privacy and security requirements and best practices.


  • Confirm the data to be analyzed are complete and valid, according to the statistical methodology established for the project.
  • Analyze the data, generating preliminary results.
  • Review the results to determine their validity based on the data.
  • Accept or refine the analysis, as appropriate.
  • Share analysis and preliminary results with co-investigators, as appropriate.