UW Research



All expenditures on a sponsored award must be:

  • necessary,
  • reasonable,
  • allocable to a sponsored award,
  • administered consistently across all sponsored awards, and
  • allowable per the terms of the Award, sponsor requirements, and applicable UW regulations.

Review GIM 23 – Sponsored Program Costing Policy.

Budget Management

Departments and Principal Investigators (PIs) are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of their UW Budgets. PI’s are responsible for the management of their sponsored awards. Budgets should be reconciled on a regular basis to provide reasonable assurance that transactions are necessary, reasonable, allocable, allowable, and consistently treated.

Review guidance on award changes such as rebudgeting, budget extensions (aka no-cost extensions) and early terminations or deobligations.

Visit Grant and Contract Accounting for information on financial tools and resources, including GrantTracker.

For more information on post award fiscal compliance, see Post Award Fiscal Compliance resources.