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Use the GrantTracker Departmental View for monitoring expiration & final action dates of sponsored award budgets.

All award expenses must be posted in the UW financial system by the Final Action Date (FAD).  Expenses posted after the FAD may not be eligible for reimbursement from the sponsor.

If your FAD is approaching and:

If upon completion the award has a deficit, it must be resolved per the UW Deficit Resolution policy.

Review Final Financial Reporting requirements.

End of Award / End of Budget Review Checklist

This checklist provides recommendations for preparing for the end of an award or the end of a budget period (closeout) 30-60 days before the Final Action Date (FAD) of a UW sponsored award budget number.

Departments are responsible for monitoring expiring awards. GCA provides the GrantTracker Departmental View for monitoring expiration & Final Action Dates (FAD) of sponsored award budgets.

Review guidance for closeout: sponsor reporting.

Review Items

At least 30-60 days before the FAD of the UW budget number:

  1. Review award terms & conditions for final documentation requirements & deadlines, ensure they will be met.
  2. If necessary, fill out a Budget Extension Request. If Sponsor approval is required, submit 45 days before the current award/budget period end date.
  3. Review UW Policy GIM 39: Closeout of Sponsored Programs.
  4. Review award expenditures & ensure allowability and allocability. If any expenditure does not belong, it must be removed before the FAD.
  5. Make sure:
    1. All allowable project costs have posted to UW Budget number including any subaward invoices. Expenditures that post after the final financial report/invoice are the department’s responsibility.
    2. Open balances & encumbrances have cleared the UW budget.
  6. Provide closeout@uw.edu a copy of the final progress report and/or proof of submission.

Other Review Items as Applicable

If applicable, make sure:

Other End of Budget / End of Award Resources

Fixed Price Surplus Awards

Unexpended funds on a fixed price agreement are returned if required by the sponsor. Otherwise, a PI may request the balance be transferred to a fixed price surplus account (budget), under the direction of the Department Chair.

Review Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) instructions for requesting a fixed price surplus budget.

Request Surplus Balance Transfer to Fixed Price Surplus Accounts

Is your balance less than 25% of the award amount on Fixed Price Sponsored Program Budget?

GCA transfers balances of less than 25% to a fixed price surplus account (budget).

Email GCA via gcahelp@uw.edu.

Is your balance greater than 25% of the award amount on Fixed Price Sponsored Program Budget?

Submit a request to OSP via osp@uw.edu.

Request requirements:

  • F&A rate of the award must match the F&A rate of fixed price surplus account where funds are being transferred.
  • PI assurance that contractual commitments & deliverables were met & accepted by the sponsor.
  • PI concurrence that the funds transferred to a fixed price surplus budget are under the direction of the chair.

Upon receipt of your request OSP:

  • Reviews the request and the award to determine eligibility
  • Creates a Post Award Change (PAC) for \”Transfer to Surplus Account\” in SAGE
  • Attaches request from the PI
  • OSP may send an inquiry via email with additional questions
  • Approves & sends PAC to GCA for a budget transfer
  • GCA notifies department via Grantracker upon completion of the transfer

Early Termination and Relinquishment

Early termination shortens the life of the project period prior to completion. Relinquishments and award transfers mean returning funds back to the sponsor and giving up the UW’s right to the funding. Review guidance for early terminations and relinquishments.