UW Research

Certificate in Research Administration

About This Certificate

Gain a foundational understanding of research administration practices, policies and resources at the UW. This Certificate Program will support campus departments and central units to align practices, share expertise across units, and support UW learners in forging career pathways for themselves.

Who should pursue this Certificate?

The certificate can be useful to all audiences. Experienced administrators may want to refresh their knowledge in foundational areas covered by the certificate while staff who are new to research administration, or staff with experience in research administration elsewhere who are new to the UW can establish a solid foundation of knowledge on which to build on their careers in research administration at the UW.

Six Steps to Completing the Certificate

  1. Review the CORE Certificate Curriculum Guide webpage to understand the requirements for the Certificate in Research Administration.
  2. Enroll in the Certificate in Research Administration by registering on the CORE registration page.
  3. Download the CORE Certificate Curriculum Planner to track learning. Remember that only CORE classes taken from Fall 2016 forward will count for this Certificate.
  4. Register for coursework through the CORE registration page.
  5. Complete all required and elective Certificate coursework.
  6. When you have completed all coursework (required and elective) submit a request for a final Certificate audit to the CORE Program Manager who will respond within two weeks to confirm your completion of the Certificate.

How much will this coursework cost me or my department?

This Certificate is offered completely free-of-charge! There will never be a cost associated with any CORE coursework.

How many hours will it take to complete the Certificate?

Thirty-three hours total: 22 hours of required coursework and 11 hours of elective coursework (some coursework is offered in-person and some online).

How long do I have to complete the Certificate?

To receive a Certificate, learners must complete the coursework within five years from the date of first course. (We strongly recommend starting with Introduction to Research Administration.) CORE classes taken Fall quarter 2016 or later will count toward the Certificate.

How do I track my progress?

There are two ways to track your Certificate coursework:

    1. Use the CORE Certificate Curriculum Planner to track course registrations and completions.
    2. Request a transcript from CORE Help. There is a two week turnaround for transcript requests. Transcript data is updated monthly.

Cancellation and Late Arrival Policies

  • Cancellation is required no less than three days prior to the class start date. You are required to contact Core Help if the cancellation is less than three days. These courses are in high-demand and your cancellation will create space for another attendee.
  • Learners who arrive more than 15 minutes late will not receive course credit.

Can I receive prior credit for other courses taken at the UW or elsewhere?

UW Professional and Organization Development (POD) courses of the same course title and content will be accepted towards this Certificate (subject to review by the CORE Learning Manager). Please submit POD transcript to CORE Help and request a review from the CORE Learning Manager.

To ensure that knowledge gained in pursuit of the Certificate is current, consistent and relevant, no other prior experience assessments will apply.



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(http://certmag.com/were-certifiable-creating-a-certification-program/Benefits of Certification)