UW Research

Select Funding Source

Internal and External Funding

Selecting a funding source involves finding a sponsor with goals that align with a given research project, or finding an opportunity for which a PI or team would be eligible to pursue.

See the Funding Opportunities page for a list of external sponsor funding opportunity web pages, as well as funding opportunities internal to UW.

Gifts vs. Sponsored Projects


A gift is the voluntary contribution of external support by a donor to the University, without any expectation of economic or other tangible benefit in return.

  • The support is irrevocable
  • Primary beneficiary is the general public, not the donor
  • Does not require financial reporting or accounting

Sponsored Projects

A sponsored project is a mutual exchange involving the UW and an external sponsor. The sponsor may provide funding, equipment, tangible items (goods or services), or other consideration for research, instruction, education programs, or other sponsored program activity.

External funding is considered a sponsored project if, for example:

  • There are deliverables which can consist of: reports, research results, IP rights, equipment, or other specified services or considerations
  • Funds may be withheld pending deliverables
  • There is an obligation to return unspent funds
  • When support is provided for research-related patient care services

The Office of Sponsored Programs and the Office of Advancement can help make the final determination between a gift and a sponsored project.

For processing a gift, contact Gift Services.

Limited Submissions

Many federal agencies and foundations offer grants, awards, and fellowships that limit the number of applications that can come from one institution. In order to increase the chances of the UW succeeding in such “limited submission opportunity” applications, the Office of Research has established a procedure to review pre-proposals in a timely fashion. The Limited Submissions page lists those opportunities.