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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Bridge Funding Program FAQs ORC
Can a start-up company started by a UW employee apply for SBIR or STTR funding? OSP
Export Compliance FAQs OSP
How does the no-cost extension (budget extension) process work? OSP
How should FHCRC compensate UW for my salary/benefits? I have a joint appointment with FHCRC. The work I will be doing is carried out at FHCRC. OSP
I have a joint appointment with the VA. I need to document why I am not requesting full salary funding for my UW appointment, calculated from IBS. What should I include in the budget justification so my effort is not considered cost share? OSP
I want to submit a request to my sponsor to extend the end date of my project. I probably won’t get formal sponsor approval in place before the end date. What can I do? OSP
I’m having problems downloading interactive PDFs, like the Study Roles Addendum. HSD
Is my eGC1 ready? OSP Research Administration
My sponsor requires yearly fiscal reporting and does not allow automatic carryover. The next amendment is not here and my UW budget end date is very soon. What should I do? OSP