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Executive Leadership

Lidstrom, Mary Vice Provost for Research lidstrom@uw.edu 685-1751
Giffels, Joe Associate Vice Provost for Research Administration & Integrity jgiffels@uw.edu 616-0804
Harwood, Carrie Associate Vice Provost csh5@uw.edu 221-2848
Ostendorf, Mari Associate Vice Provost ostendor@uw.edu 221-5748


Assistant Vice Provosts and Directors

Arias, Lynette Assistant Vice Provost for Research ariasl@uw.edu 685-7065
Babauta, Jeff Director of Finance and Reporting jbabauta@uw.edu 221-7009
Gamman, Linda Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communication lmkelley@uw.edu 685-7641
MacQueen, Helen Director of Human Resources & Operations macqueen@uw.edu 543-5146
Petersen, Melissa Assistant Vice Provost for Research Compliance petermm@uw.edu 616-0804
Severson, Julie Director of Research Misconduct Proceedings  severson@uw.edu 616-0804
Stomski, Mark Assistant Vice Provost for Export Controls  stomski@uw.edu 616-8741


Office of Research Central Staff

Berríos, Emily Administrative Specialist emilyb02@uw.edu 685-9205
Blakemore, Kim Compliance Analyst kblakemo@uw.edu 685-7010
Castro, Sam Administrative Specialist scastro@uw.edu 616-5119
Herrera, Heather Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost herrerah@uw.edu 685-1751
Luetjen, Karen Manager of Internal Research Funding luetjen@uw.edu 616-9089
Orefice, Matt Assistant Director morefice@uw.edu 616-7465
Roady, Haley Administrative Coordinator hibbsh@uw.edu 221-2018
Stephan, Laurie Learning Manager lauries@uw.edu 685-1458
Trenkamp, Gina Administrative Specialist gkamp@uw.edu 897-1630
Wilsnack, Peter Administrative Specialist – Royalty Research Fund doogieh@uw.edu 685-9316