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Award Receipt

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) reviews, negotiates and accepts all sponsored program funding on behalf of the UW. When OSP receives an award from a sponsor a SAGE funding action (FA) is created.

Have an award with an approved eGC1 in SAGE?  Forward the award and all attachments to osp@uw.edu, include the PI name and eGC1# in the subject line.

If you do not have an approved eGC1 in SAGE for an award, you will need to submit an eGC1 and mark After the Fact (ATF). Review ATF eGC1s for Agreements & Awards for more information.

Award Status and Holds

Use the SAGE eGC1 or Funding Action (FA) numbers to track award status in MyResearch. Award information can be viewed in SAGE.

Based on information in the eGC1, HOLDs are automatically placed on an FA to allow necessary compliance review. FA’s placed on “HOLD” cannot be released for budget set up until the HOLD reason has been resolved.

In addition to automatic hold reasons outlined below, OSP reviews agreements for consistency with UW agreement considerations and principles, policies, state law, and other Federal requirements that may impact the project. OSP reviewers may place a manual hold on an FA.

Funding Action (FA) Compliance Holds

Review Automatic FA Hold Guidance

Based on a preparer’s response to questions on an eGC1, Automatic System Holds are placed on a Funding Action (FA) to allow compliance review.

Compliance Area

eGC1 Question

Why Hold Placed / Review areas

More Information & Guidance

Budget & Fiscal
F-1 Outstanding questions on the use of F&A rates in the budget. Review information on Applying F&A Rates from GIM 13
Budget & Fiscal
Administrative Support
F-2 OSP is confirming costs described & justified in proposal & that award does not disallow. Review: Proposal Budget Development-Administrative & Clerical Salaries

Budget Justification

Budget & Fiscal
Cost Share
F-3 OSP is requesting or reviewing a Cost Share Addendum. Review: Cost Share Guidance

Cost Share Addendum

GIM 21: Cost Share on Sponsored Programs

Human Subjects HS-1 OSP must be able to verify related IRB protocol approvals or exempt status information. Questions about Human Subjects Research at the UW?
Contact Human Subjects Division via email: hsdinfo@uw.edu
Animal Use AU-1 OSP is verifying IACUC protocol information related to the project. Contact OAW for guidance on animal use in research
Equipment & Materials E-2 OSP is reviewing terms of the award to determine if further review or licensing is required. Review Equipment Fabrication guidance. Contact eio@uw.edu with questions

If University-owned biological materials will be provided to non-UW parties. Review Material Transfer Agreement FAQs

If your project involves sharing or shipping items to or from foreign locations or with foreign nationals:

Review Export Control Measures

Contact exports@uw.edu with questions

Data & Technology D-1 thru D-4 OSP is reviewing to determine if further review or licensing is required. Review more information on:

Questions about export control? Email exports@uw.edu

SFI/FCOI SFI/FCOI Up to date OSP is ensuring all disclosures are made by Investigators, and that an FCOI review is complete. One or more investigators on PI, Personnel & Organizations page lists SFI of “Yes” or “Unknown”
PHS Training PHS Training OSP is confirming PHS training is up to date. One or more investigators on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations of a PHS sponsored eGC1 has either not done the FCOI training or it has expired

Review Manual FA Hold Guidance

OSP reviewers may also place manual holds on a Funding Action for various reasons.

Type of Hold What does OSP need to release funding?
For Check A copy of a check award. (The original check goes to Grant and Contract Accounting)
Pending Fully Executed Agreement OSP is waiting for sponsor signature.
Revised Budget Dept. needs to submit a revised budget that matches the award amount and allowed costs.
Other (Campus) Department needs to submit PI confirmation, back-up documentation or other necessary information to complete a Funding Action.
OSP is waiting for information from another central office.
Other (Sponsor) Revisions or additional info needed from the sponsor.
PI Signature PI Signature needed.
Pending Notice to Process/Activation Notice For fellowship award: OSP is waiting on activation notice to determine the start date.

Budget Number Setup

After HOLD reasons are addressed, OSP sends the Funding Action (FA) to Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA).

GCA uses the FA and attachments (award documents, budget, eGC1, etc.) to set up the award budget in the UW Financial Systems and assigns a UW budget number. GCA notifies the PI and department contacts listed on the eGC1 in SAGE once a budget number has been assigned. Review more information on the GCA budget set up process.

One day after budget set up notification, campus can view the UW budget information in MyFinancial Desktop, and Grant Tracker. Review the proposal documents attached to the FA and award information that was set up in the UW financial systems. Take note of sponsor requirements and deadlines.

Prepare for award closeout upon receipt of the award and keep in mind the budget’s final action date.

Questions about your award? Contact your OSP reviewer.

Questions about the UW budget set up? Contact GCA via GCA’s Grant Tracker.

Request or Review the following if applicable:

Awards from Foreign Sponsors Made in Foreign Currency

Foreign currency exchange rates fluctuate on a daily basis, and it is typically many months between when a proposal budget is prepared and the time of award. As a result, the exchange rates used to calculate a proposal budget are probably not an accurate reflection of the awarded funds in U.S. dollars (USD).

When awards are made (and will be paid) in foreign currency there are a few extra steps that must be taken at the Time of Award and to Monitor the Award.

Time of Award

OSP will ask the PI and department contacts:

  • To review the awarded budget with an online currency converter
  • To provide an updated budget along with a dated screen shot of the currency conversion used to make any adjustments

The PI and department must:

  • Review the awarded budget using an online currency converter
  • Provide an updated budget to their OSP reviewer along with a screen shot of the currency conversion which shows the conversion date used for calculations
  • Ensure the updated budget amount provided to OSP matches the currency conversion amount

Routing from OSP to GCA:

Once the foreign currency award amount has been converted to USD and the updated budget has been received from the PI/Department:

  • OSP will attach the currency conversion documentation and updated budget breakdown provided by the campus unit to the Funding Action.
  • GCA will use the currency conversion documentation to verify that the award amount listed on the FA is correct
  • GCA will use the budget to set up the initial award budget in the UW financial system

Note: Currencies will continue to fluctuate throughout the life of an award. PIs and their units are responsible for monitoring and managing the impacts that these fluctuations may have on the award.

Monitoring the Award

The PI and the department need to carefully monitor currency fluctuations, expenditures, and sponsor payments that may impact the award. Note: The PI and department are responsible for resolving deficits, including those that may arise from currency fluctuation.

Review more information and examples from Grant & Contract Accounting on Awards Paid in Foreign Currency.


If part of your award includes outgoing subawards, review process and guidance for requesting subawards.


Request sub-budgets using a TRANSPASU to help track or separate funds.

Some reasons to separate funds include when funds are restricted within a grant for a specific purpose (e.g. participant support costs or funds that are only for salaries and supplies, pilot studies on Center grants) or multiple UW department project involvement.


Review UW Payroll guidance for hiring employees and setting up salary in the UW payroll system. Payroll also provides a payroll coordinator’s guide and training options.

Equipment Fabrication Budgets

If equipment fabrication was in the proposal budget, use a TRANSPASU to request an equipment fabrication sub-budget from GCA.

Cost Share

If your award has cost share commitments, provide your OSP reviewer with a copy of the Cost Share Addendum. OSP will attach these to the FA so GCA can use it to set up the cost share commitments in UW systems.

Review Cost Share procedures and guidance.

Program Income

Certain kinds of income generated by a Federal Award may need to be reported as Program Income. Program Income Procedures provide guidance on the types of income, accounting, set-up management and spending of Program Income.