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Required Training

Grants Management for Investigators

Course Description

The Grants Management for Investigators (GMI) training provides an overview of the grants management process, from preparation of proposals to fiscal report preparation through final audit. It includes the PI roles and responsibilities for administering sponsored agreements, then explains the established policies and procedures, and finishes with an overview of the central support services available. By requiring this course early on at the time they submit a proposal, it will give first-time investigators this crucial information early in their research career at the UW.

Who is required to take this training?

All University of Washington principal investigators (faculty and non-faculty) who apply for or receive externally funded grants or contracts are required to attend the workshop initially with a refresher every four years thereafter.  (More frequent attendance is encouraged to remain current with significant changes in sponsored program policy.)

Summary of the requirement

The Office of the Provost requires GMI training of all UW faculty members and non-faculty principal investigators who receive externally funded grants or contracts to cover the management of research activities which occur under increasingly complex regulations by funding agencies, and federal and state governments.

Grants Management for Investigators First Time Requirement

  • Faculty and non-faculty who submit a proposal as UW Principal Investigator for the first time must attend an in-person workshop within twelve months of submitting the proposal via SAGE, if they have not attended one previously. First-time PIs are strongly encouraged to attend a workshop before submitting the proposal. In-person workshops are offered in the UW Tower Auditorium three times a year. Due to the pandemic we will be offering this course via Zoom for an indeterminate period of time, making it more accessible to a wider audience (captioned, on-demand, control of sound and visuals are more customizable by the user).

Grants Management for Investigators Online Refresher

  • After the initial attendance at an in-person workshop, PIs are required to renew their training every four years by either completing the online refresher or attending the in-person workshop.

Receiving Course Credit

Once you have completed this course, the records are routed from Professional and Organizational Development (POD) to MyResearch Training Transcript. It takes between two weeks to a month for your GMI completion record to show up in MRTT (the UW doesn’t have the systems to do this in real-time). Once you have completed the course know that the GMI completion records are in the system and will not hinder grant activity.