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Incoming Subawards

An incoming subaward is when another institution (pass-through entity) receives funding and issues a subaward to the UW (subrecipient) for a portion of the project.

Review information for setting up an incoming subaward.

Outgoing Subawards

You can request an outgoing subaward via SAGE once you have received your prime award and it is available in Workday Finance.

Review subaward permissions and set up your SAGE ASTRA “Subaward Preparer” role.

How to Begin Setting up a New Subaward at the UW

Next Steps in Setting up a New Subaward

Once the Subaward Award Line and the Subrecipient entity is available in Workday Finance, submit the subaward request in SAGE.

Log into SAGE and select the “Subawards” tab to navigate to the Subaward Module.

  • For a new subaward –  use “Create Subaward” in the SAGE Subaward Module
  • If an existing subaward is being amended – Use “Create Modification” in the SAGE Subaward Module
  • Is the Subrecipient in SAGE? If you you cannot find the subrecipient listed in SAGE, send an email to ospsubs@uw.edu asking for a subrecipient to be added to SAGE. Include the subject line “New Subrecipient”.
  • Include required supporting attachments
  • Submit the subaward in the SAGE Subaward Module to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)
  • OSP will then  draft, issue, and negotiate the subaward agreement with the subrecipient
    • OSP will copy campus contact in SAGE when a subaward agreement is issued to the subrecipient
  • OSP will request a Supplier Contract and Purchase Order from UW Procurement for the subaward
  • Procurement will create and route the Purchase Order (PO) to the campus Grant Manager in Workday
  • The campus Grant Manager needs to review and approve the PO in Workday, and then email PO# to the OSP Subaward Administrator handling their Subaward in SAGE
  • OSP adds the PO# to the subaward agreement, signs and returns the agreement to the subrecipient and will copy the campus contact in SAGE
  • OSP will activate the subaward in SAGE
  • Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA) will then activate the subaward award line on the Workday award
    • The Workday Award Line for the subaward status changes from ”Pending Subaward” to “Open”
  • Subrecipients can now email invoices to uwashington@ghxinvoicing.com, they must include the PO # on their invoices

Review Subaward FAQs

Required Documents

NEW subaward requests must have:

  • Letter of Intent (LOI) or subrecipient face page signed by authorizing official
  • Subaward Scope of Work (SOW) that includes background info/objectives and a clear description of the work to be performed
  • Detailed budget on prime sponsor budget form or spreadsheet, and
  • Budget Justification that ties specifically to the budget line items.
  • New subrecipients must complete

Modification requests must include backup documents for the requested changes.

  • Is funding being added?  Provide a detailed budget.
  • Is the Scope of Work being changed? Provide a new Scope of Work.

The subrecipient negotiated F&A rate agreement may also be required.

Compliance Considerations

When establishing subawards, there are many compliance areas to consider. For example, human subjects and animal use protocols must be in place for subrecipient entities to engage in these types of research.


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