UW Research

Recruit Team

The Research Team comprises all of the individuals who have been assembled to contribute to a research project. Typically, the Team is led by a Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-Principal Investigators who are responsible for recruiting Team members as well as all aspects of the project.

Team members can include a variety of Personnel such as:


  • Commitment to the project by each potential member should be secured as early in the process as possible. Committing to a project means an individual has both the interest and the capacity to engage in the project. Likewise, the resources and opportunities that will be made available to the individual should be committed as soon as practical. Examples include salary support, access to data, equipment and supplies, as well as opportunities to participate in authorship or intellectual property development.
  • By law, supervisors have responsibilities related to the health and safety of faculty, staff and students in the lab, including documenting training, emergency preparedness, hazard communication and accident reporting.
  • Ensure all UW and UW affiliated Investigators are aware of institutional training requirements:


  • Specify, based on the needs of the proposed research, the scientific and technical expertise required.
  • Identify individuals meeting the specifications above.
  • Reach out to each individual to discuss their potential role in the project.
  • Secure a commitment from each individual to the project; and identify for each individual the resources and opportunities the project can commit to them.