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Agreement Types


Many types of agreements related to research & sponsored activity are sent to Principal Investigators (PIs) and UW personnel. Guidance here was developed to help determine which UW office to contact.

Review the Agreement Considerations when discussing potential collaborations with outside entities. Agreements themselves are handled by OSP and OSP is the authorized official for signing.

When do I need to use an eGC1?

Agreement Types

Agreement Type Agreement Purpose Contact Instructions
Affiliation Agreement Standard contract model for institutional level research collaboration agreements between the UW and other research institutions.

Not intended for grant proposals or other project specific research affiliation agreements, corporate affiliate membership and giving programs (CAPS and RAPS), or international affiliations.

Review Research Affiliation Template Process
Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA)

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Proprietary Information Agreement (PIA)

Restrict disclosure & use of proprietary or protected info Related to or in anticipation of a sponsored program?

Related to an innovation you have disclosed?  Review CoMotion CDA information, or contact CoMotion

Neither? Contact your Dean or Director

Corporate Affiliate Program (CAP) Multi-party affiliation agreements between Industry sponsors and the UW for companies to learn about the latest UW research, interact with faculty and students, and network with industry colleagues Review Corporate and Foundation Relations
Data Use / Transfer Agreement (DUA / DTUA) Transfer of data collected or developed such as raw data, data sets, student info, personal health info, etc. Related to an active or pending sponsored program?

All other DUAs: Contact your departmental authorized signing official

Need a DUA template? Use FDP DTUA Templates

NOTE: Before submitting human subjects datasets to repositories, consult with the Human Subjects Division hsdinfo@uw.edu

Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) Transfer tangible (e.g. biological) material from or to the UW from or to an outside entity Incoming (to UW) Material and related to an active or pending sponsored program?

All other MTAs: review CoMotion MTA guidance

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Memorialize expression of intent, or expressing goals and aspirations or activity without committing to a legally binding agreement implicating legal remedies International agreement that does not bind the UW or UW resources?  Review the Office of Global Affairs International agreement resources

Others? Contact your Dean or Director

Purchase Order The UW is purchasing goods or services. Review Procurement guidance for planning and buying
Service Agreement The UW is providing goods or services. Review:

Sponsored Research Agreement The formal documentation between the UW and an external entity that memorializes the exchange transaction for a specific scope of work. Sponsors may provide funding, equipment or other tangible items for organized research, instruction, and other sponsored activity. The award terms must be followed for the life of the project and include project dates, restrictions and reporting.
Sponsored Awards can be in the form of a grant, contract, cooperative agreement, or other types of funding mechanism.
Review the Agreement Considerations and route an eGC1 to OSP.
Teaming Agreement Express a general intent to cooperate with the UW for purposes related to general operations or pursuing an application for funding to a third party. Route a non-award agreement (NAA) eGC1
Unfunded Research Agreement Agreement where the UW does not receive monetary consideration, but an external entity may provide other types of support (e.g. samples, data, materials, equipment). Route a non-award agreement (NAA) eGC1

After-the-Fact (ATF) eGC1s for Awards & Agreements

An ATF eGC1 is an eGC1 that has an agreement attached. ATF includes both award agreements and non-award agreements.
More information about agreement types.

ATF eGC1 Review
An ATF eGC1 must be “IN OSP” status, marked ATF “YES”, and include:

  • An award agreement, a scope of work, and a detailed budget with justification; or
  • A non-award agreement
Incomplete ATF eGC1s
Incomplete eGC1s will be returned without review and include a request for missing information.

  • Research involves vertebrate animals and was not routed to OAW
  • No agreement documents attached
  • Missing scope of work or related budget
Complete ATF eGC1s
Once the completed eGC1 is “In OSP”, it will be reviewed for compliance (e.g. University, state, federal and sponsor policies). OSP may provide reviewer comments prior to approval.

Competing applications have priority and GIM 19 deadlines do not apply to ATF eGC1s.

Approval of the ATF eGC1 by OSP does not imply approval or acceptance of the agreement.

The ATF eGC1 must be approved before the attached agreement will be reviewed by OSP.

ATF Agreement Set Up & Processing (FA/NAA)
Upon eGC1 approval, FAs & NAAs are created within 2 business days, assigned, and added to the appropriate reviewer’s queue.

FAs & NAAs are reviewed and processed in the order received and according to reviewer workload.