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May 2020 SAGE Grant Runner Forms F Release

These are the Grant Runner updates for Forms F: The expiration date for every form has been updated to 02/28/2023 PHS 398 Cover Page Supplement Added new Human Fetal Tissue Section with the question: Does the proposed project involve human fetal tissue obtained from elective abortions? If answered Yes, two new attachments are requested 1. […]

SAGE Release Calendar

The SAGE Release Calendar provides SAGE users with awareness of work in progress and a schedule for upcoming releases.  You can also view historical release details in the Release History section. Upcoming Releases Release Date & Start Time System Downtime Release Description June 2020 5:30 p.m. (PT) Yes SAGE Budget Redesign Release History Below are […]

January 2020 SAGE Maintenance Release

SAGE Suite-Wide Session Timeout Handling Improvements When any open SAGE Suite application is left idle for 40 minutes (this can vary if you have other applications open that require UW authentication), users will now see an on-screen warning that their SAGE session will time out in 5 minutes without further activity. Renewing your 45 minute […]

September 2019 SAGE Maintenance Release

Products Updated SAGE eGC1 SAGE Suite-Wide SAGE Budget SPAERC & SERA AUMS FIDS SAGE eGC1 New Project Types added to eGC1 Two new project types have been added to the eGC1. Users can now select “Cooperative Agreement” or “Other Transaction Authority” (a federal designation) from the list, in addition to the current options. FIX: Sponsor […]

July 2019 SAGE Maintenance Release

SAGE eGC1 & Approvals Sponsor Deadline Added to Approvals Section In order to give reviewers/approvers better visibility to the application’s sponsor deadline, the deadline now appears on the Approval Graph in the Application Details section. PI Assurance Statement Updated with Multiple PI Guidance The Assurance Statement for Principal Investigators on eGC1s has been updated to […]