UW Research

Facilities & Resources

In the Manage stage, efforts related to Facilities and Resources should be largely maintenance. This may include coordination with collaborating researchers or departments for ongoing availability, or reviewing training status for research personnel for protocols which may require annual review or renewal. Identifying, documenting, and even scheduling reminders for these check-points early in the Manage stage can reduce the administrative burden on researchers and their teams while the research is underway.


The space needs of a research project may change over time. Monitoring the progress of a project and documenting variances in planned versus actual progress can help the research team coordinate resources needed in subsequent project periods. In cases where significant changes are needed sponsor approval may be required and so it will be beneficial to carefully track requirements over time.


Equipment needs of a project or program may change over time. Implementing these changes may require sponsor approval or re-budgeting.


Supply procurement occurs throughout the duration of the research project. By aligning supply procurement with the timeline and aims of the research, Investigators and their teams can ensure timely access to the needed supplies and materials, while preventing risk of overspending.


During the Manage stage services proposed for the research will need to be engaged and associated relationships will need to be managed. The implementation of these agreements may require the attention of multiple layers of university administration.


As a research project or program progresses there will be varying personnel needs. In some cases, these will depend on milestone achievements, and so may be anticipated and planned for in advance. In other cases there may be a need to change, add, or remove personnel without advance notice. It may be beneficial to calendar important personnel events like employee contract periods, projected student graduation dates, and personnel needs for related projects throughout the Manage stage to limit the frequency and impact of unexpected changes.


In the Manage stage administrative tasks related to travel may include requesting approvals from the University or sponsor. Additional rules or requirements may be imposed by the researcher’s department, school, or college.

Other Resources

In the Manage stage requirements relating to other resources will likely be primarily maintenance activities and could include tasks such as monitoring training status, collaborating with a facility director on scheduling access, or receiving annual review and approval from regulatory units responsible for protocol or space oversight.


  • Principal Investigators (PIs) are responsible for coordination and maintenance of the facilities and resources needed to conduct their research programs and projects.
  • Department research administrators can assist researchers and their teams in oversight of ongoing administrative requirements related to use of university facilities and resources.
  • The University is responsible for ensuring compliance with sponsor requirements as well as state and federal laws governing procurement.


  • If you are aware of changes that will need to be made in the use or access of facilities and resources, plan ahead to ensure personnel are sufficiently trained and approvals are in place, so as not to interrupt research progress.
  • If you are unsure of compliance requirements for the use of University shared facilities or resources, contact the responsible office early for assistance with planning.
  • Coordinate with the relevant regulatory offices for questions regarding training and use of specialized space, equipment, and supplies.