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Review various closeout reporting requirements for the end of an award and closeout of research projects.


Unless the sponsor grants an extension, submit all final performance documentation no later than 90 days following the project end date.

Some due dates may differ; check sponsor requirements in your award.

OSP Closeout Notifications for Federal Awards

OSP notifies the PI and department about a week before the end date of a federal award, to inform award is ending and to detail closeout responsibilities.

If needed, the PI may request a budget extension by completing the budget Extension Request.
If OSP is aware that final reporting has become delinquent, OSP will escalate to the Chair and Dean.

Contact closeout@uw.edu with questions.

Review the End of Award Checklist

Internal- UW Reports

Final reporting for:

Human Subjects Research

The completion of your non-exempt human subjects research must be reported in a timely manner to the IRB(s) that reviewed and approved your research. “Completion” is defined as:

  • All subjects have completed all study-related interventions and procedures, including any follow-up.
  • You have obtained all private identifiable data and/or specimens from all subjects.
  • You have completed the analysis of all private identifiable data and specimens, as described in your IRB application.

To close a UW IRB application:

  • If your IRB application is still paper-based: Complete the Paper Status Report form and mail to HSD.

If your IRB application is in Zipline (the UW’s web-based IRB application system): Complete the Zipline Status Report form and upload it to Zipline.
See this Guidance for a more detailed description, including the three most common closure mistakes made by researchers.

External – Sponsor Reporting

Most sponsors require these final reports:

If there was equipment purchased you may also need to complete Final Equipment Inventory Reporting.
Check your award for specialized final reporting requirements, such as a list of publications, property report  or security report.

Federal Contracts

OSP signs and submits the completed federal contract forms.
Examples of required federal contract closeout forms:

  • All Work Completed Assurance/Deliverables Met
  • Contractor’s Certification Concerning Royalties, Patents, and Copyrights
  • Property Clearance Report
  • Release of Claims and Final Invoice

Technical/Scientific (Performance/Progress report)

In all cases:

  • Review your award for specific closeout requirements and deadlines.
  • Submit all required reports following sponsor instructions.
  • Forward a copy along with proof of submission to closeout@uw.edu.

Federal Sponsor Final Technical/Progress Report Submission Steps:

Sponsor Where to Submit PI Guidance
NIH eRA Commons Initiate an Interim or Final RPPR via eRACommons.

Use plain language when filling out the Project Outcomes. NIH will review & approve this section before it will be made publicly available through the NIH RePORTER.

When applicable use Human Subjects System (HSS).

  • Complete HSS records & mark ‘Ready for Submission’
  • If the Submit button is active for the PI, PI submits the HSS record
  • If the Submit button is not active for the PI, twice a week (Tues & Thurs) OSP will submit all HSS records ‘Ready for Submission’.
    • Send special requests for HSS submission to osp@uw.edu.
  • Once HSS records have been submitted, you should see the HSS data within the RPPR.
  • Do not submit the RPPR until after HSS updates appear within the RPPR.

Upon completion, notify closeout@uw.edu and attach a copy of the RPPR confirming submission.

If the Project Outcomes of an I-RPPR/F-RPPR didn’t use plain language, shared proprietary information, or included Personally Identifiable Information (PII), NIH will request a revised Project Outcomes.

To complete the request, navigate to the award in the Commons. Select IRAM/FRAM from additional actions.

Enter revised Project Outcomes in the IRAM/FRAM Project Outcomes text box. Do not upload it as an attachment.

Learn more about the NIH RPPR: IRAM and FRAM

HRSA HRSA Electronic Handbook HRSA: Submit all progress reports, including the final report, via the HRSA Electronic Handbook
AHRQ grantfpr@ahrq.gov Review the template and further instructions from AHRQ’s Post Award Management site.

Submit the final report via email to grantfpr@ahrq.gov.

CDC Grants Management Officer Review closeout guidance from CDC and submit the final report to the Grants Management Officer.

CDC closeout description.

SAMHSA grant.closeout@samhsa.hhs.gov Follow the terms of your award and review:

NSF Research.gov Log into Research.gov and select “Awards and Reporting”.
DOE DOE Energy Link System
  1. Complete and submit the final report electronically via DOE Energy Link System.
  2. Upload the report in PDF format.
  3. Forward submission confirmation and  Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) ID to closeout@uw.edu
DoD Review the terms in your award.

Forward to the Office of Naval Research (ONR).

Is the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Seattle Regional office administering your grant or contract for DoD? Forward a copy of all closeout forms and documentation to ONR.

Possible requirements:

NASA NSSCcloseout@mail.nasa.gov Submit via email to the NASA Shared Center: NSSCcloseout@mail.nasa.gov
DOeD G5 System ED 524B report cover sheet is required with final technical report submission and needs:

  1. Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) concurrence on Budget Expenditures section
  2. OSP sign-off/approval of the report after GCA concurrence

PI Submits via the G5 System.

NOAA NOAA Grants Online


Final Invention Statement

The PI must report all innovations to CoMotion, using a Record of Innovation Form (ROI).

PIs must also report all subject inventions to the sponsor on a final invention statement.

No Inventions? PI still submits an invention statement confirming “no inventions”.

Agencies generally require institutional signature or submission in sponsor systems for both positive and negative invention statements. Contact closeout@uw.edu.

Federal Sponsor Final Invention Statement Submission Steps

Sponsor Where to Submit PI Guidance
AHRQ grantfpr@ahrq.hhs.gov Submit pdf of Form HH568 to grantfpr@ahrq.hhs.gov
CDC Grants Management Officer Review closeout guidance from CDC and submit the final report to the Grants Management Officer.

CDC closeout description.

NIH eRA Commons Submit Form HH568 via eRACommons.

  1. Click the Status tab at top of the screen and select “Requires Closeout” in Action column for the award.
  2. On closeout status screen, click Process Final Invention Statement
  3. Complete form and Save
  4. Contact closeout@uw.edu for SO submission
NSF NSF does not have a standard Final Invention Statement.
CoMotion reviews your ROI and submits invention reports via iEdison, as necessary.
DOE Fill out Patent Certifications Form DOE F2050-11

Check your award documents for submission requirements.

DoD Fill out Form DD882.

Check your award documents for submission requirements.

NASA Disclosure of Invention and New Technology (Including Software):

Fill out NF1679 or download the PDF or Word version

Final Financial Report

For Federal Awards, the Federal Financial Report (FFR) is prepared & submitted to the Sponsor by Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA).

The form and type of submission are outlined by the sponsor per the terms and conditions of the award. The completed report is attached and a notification is sent to the PI and Fiscal staff through GrantTracker.

Many other non-federal sponsors also require a final financial report. Review the terms and conditions of your award.

External – Other Reporting


PI/research team submits summary results to clinicaltrials.gov within one year of primary completion of the clinical trial. Review Dissemination of Results for more information.

FCOI reporting to DHHS

Office of Research submits FCOI management plans to sponsors and if PHS-Investigator, the FCOI information on its website.

iEdison Reporting

CoMotion reports innovations generated on a federally funded project.