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Like most items in SPAERC, you can view and add notes to a Cycle for others to review. Find and Open the cycle to which you would like to add a note. Select the OSP Notes tab. You will see all previous notes (some automated, some manually created). To add a note, enter the note […]


The research team and the central offices use the UW electronic research administration system to manage the proposal lifecycle. The system is comprised of three modules: SAGE, SPAERC, and SERA. Researchers and administrators enter their proposal information into the SAGE Suite Database. OSP uses SPEARC to accessed and and edit parts of it. Grants and […]


Note: the same dialog displays for Approvals and Returns. For details on approving, see the Approve an Application article Occasionally, you must return an application to the campus preparers so they can make corrections, provide more information, or mark the proposal “ready to submit.” When you return an application, it stops routing, and becomes editable […]