Automatic Holds

When you create a parent\child relationship between an eGC1 and an FA, or between an FA (with parent eGC1) and a PAC, the system will automatically create a compliance hold, if appropriate. To remove any holds, use the Add/Modify Hold link.

Note: Automatic holds only affect PACs that are Extensions or Advanced Extensions.

The system applies automatic holds to FAs and PACs if the research team answered Yes to certain compliance questions on the eGC1, or other conditions exist, as described in the following chart.

Compliance Hold Due to
Administrative Support Budget & Fiscal Compliance page question F2 = Yes
F&A Budget & Fiscal Compliance page question F1 = Yes
IRB Approval Non-Fiscal Compliance page question HS-1 = Yes
Cost Share Budget & Fiscal Compliance page question F3 = Yes
Fed Flow-Through Details page has an Originating Sponsor listed with a Sponsor Type of Federal Government
SFI/FCOI One or more investigators on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page has an SFI value of Yes or Unknown
Export Control Non-Fiscal Compliance page: if Yes for any one of questions E-2, D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4
IACUC Non-Fiscal Compliance page: question AU-1 = Yes
FCOI Training One or more investigators on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page has either not done the sponsor-required FCOI training or the training has expired.

When the system applies automatic holds, it checks the corresponding boxes on the hold screen and adds automatic OSP notes. A special icon will appear in the tasklist to indicate Compliance holds.

hold icon

Removal of Holds

You can manually add or remove holds by checking or un-checking the boxes. See the article Place an Application or Action on Hold for complete details.

If the FA’s parent application or the PAC’s parent FA changes, the system may change the holds. The system does not change Non-Compliance holds if the parent application changes.

All holds applied or removed by the system will have a corresponding OSP note added. These notes will display in the Add/Modify Hold dialog window and under the OSP Notes tab.

Hold Type OSP Note Text Display
Automatic Compliance Hold Applied Automatic Hold applied for:
Automatic Compliance Hold Removed All compliance holds cleared.
Manual Holds Applied (no change) On hold for:
Manual Holds Removed (no change); Item taken off hold: