FCOI Just-in-Time (JIT)

When a sponsor gives an approved application a fundable score, OSP needs to ensure that the investigators have completed any required FCOI training and that the institutional official reviews all related disclosures that have SFI. They do this through the Just-in-Time (JIT) process. Once OSP marks an eGC1 as having reached JIT, the system sends out notifications.

JIT Triggers

The system marks an eGC1 as having reached JIT when any of the following occurs.

  • The eGC1 gets a new child PAN with the JIT checkbox selected.
  • The eGC1 gets a new child FA.
  • An existing FA gets a new parent eGC1 which the system had not already marked as JIT.

For an eGC1 in progress at the time we added the JIT triggers to the system, the system will have triggered JIT when the eGC1’s status changed to Awarded. In this case, the OSP Notes comment will read “JIT notifications sent at award.” 

Once marked, the eGC1 remains marked.

JIT Notifications Batch Job

A batch job runs every day at 12:30 PM and 10:30 PM to send notifications for each eGC1 that has had JIT triggered. The systems sends just one notifications per eGC1. The notifications are for various reasons:

  • To remind Preparer/Owners to ensure the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page correctly lists all investigators and that all are in compliance by the time the funding is received.
  • To remind any investigators listed who have not yet disclosed for the eGC1 to do so. If needed, the system creates a pending disclosure in FIDS.
  • To any investigators that need to complete the FCOI training.