How the Flow is Generated

The system adds reviewers to the Approval Flow based on a combination of the selected or primary position units specified in the eGC1 and the individual routing rules of those units.

  • The organization receiving funding
  • The principal investigator’s primary position unit, and possibly the selected unit in cases where the PI has more than one job
  • The primary position and selected UW organization code of any additional research personnel
  • Any UW unit with a cost sharing commitment
  • The academic units or central offices connected to certain compliance question explanations (See Compliance Reviewers for more details.)
  • The additional organization unit reviewers added on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page

Each unit at the UW determines its own routing rules. For example, one academic unit may require approval from the division, department, and Dean while another unit may require approval only from the Dean.

Note: The eGC1 preparer or any reviewer can add an additional node (called an ad hoc reviewer) for an individual or role (for example, Dean’s Reviewer) to the approval flow once the eGC1 is routing.