Non-Award Agreements


Use Non-Award Agreements (NAAs) for generic agreements that do not pertain to the funding for a project.

To create an NAA, follow the directions to Create an Admin Action, and then convert the AA to an NAA.

When you create an NAA, you must answer the question “Does this agreement/amendment provide the sponsor with any of the following?” which displays after the Sponsor Award Number field.

The list of choices, with check boxes, are:

  • Exclusive commercial license
  • Non-exclusive commercial license
  • Sponsor ownership over UW generated IP, including UW’s duty to assign
  • Sponsor granted interest in royalty income
  • None

Choose all that apply. If you select “None” the system will clear all other check boxes and disable them. To re-enable the check boxes, uncheck “None”.

When you select either the Exclusive or Non-exclusive commercial license check boxes, the system displays a follow-up question of “Did the sponsor agree to WAIAP pricing?” You ┬ámust answer Yes or No to this question.

You must also specify the type of agreement by selecting a checkbox under Agreement Type. The types of agreements include:

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Data Use Agreement
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Letter of Indemnification
  • Clinical Trial Agreement
  • Master Agreement
  • Unfunded Collaborative Agreement
  • Affiliation Agreement
  • Material Transfer Agreement
  • Other

All other information specified in the NAA is standard on all Admin Actions.

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