ASTRA Roles Needed to Use SPAERC Admin Tools

In order to use the various SPAERC Administration Tools, you will need the right ASTRA role and secondary authorization (Duo).

SPAERC Admin Tool ASTRA Roles Required
To see “SPAERC Administration” on the Administration tab fly-out OSP Administrator
Grant Runner Submission Queue Tools
  • Grant Runner Submission Queue
  • View Status History
  • Status Checker
  • NIH Status Checker
OSP Administrator


OSP System Administrator

Editing Tools
  • List/Edit Sponsors
  • Add Sponsors
  • List/Edit OSP Administrators
  • Manage Grant Runner Form Content
  • Edit Auto Generated Document Text
  • Unapprove Application
OSP System Administrator
  • Manage Subcontractors (subrecipients)
OSP Subcontracts