Common Admin Action Fields

The following table describes the Admin Action fields common to all types of actions.

Field Description
Admin Action Number A unique identification number the system assigns automatically at creation. The number remains the same when action type is changed, but its prefix changes to indicate the action type:

  • Unidentified Admin Action (AA)
  • Funding Action (FA)
  • Pre-Award Notification (PAN)
  • Post-Award Change (PAC)
  • Close Out (CO)
  • Non-Award Agreement (NAA)

The Admin Action number displays at the top of each page.

Parent Item Number The number for the parent of the action. If you created the action from the parent item, the system automatically populates this value. If not, use the look up button to select a parent.
Current status Status can be:

  • In OSP – default status at creation
  • Approved – Click Approve in the left navigation menu to change an action to “Approved.”
  • Denied – Click Deny in the left navigation menu to change an action to “Denied.”
  • Duplicate – Click Mark as Duplicate in the left navigation menu to change the action to “Duplicate.”
Currently assigned to individual Initially, the person who created the item. The “Assign” button opens a pop-up you can use to reassign the item, add an OSP note, and view the Assignment History.
Project Details

  • Short Title
  • Principal Investigator
  • Sponsor
  • Cost Center Receiving Funding
  • Sponsor Award Number


This data comes from the parent item. If you change these values on the Admin Action, they will not copy back to the parent item. Note that when GCA saves a PAC, the Short Title changes to all uppercase.
Attachments This shows the attached documents for the action.

  • Click the icons or “attachments” link to view details of current attachments.
  • Click View to view a specific attachment.

If the action is unlocked for editing, you will have the option to upload attachments by clicking Add New Attachment.

Note: the system may not allow you to changing an Admin Action that has attachments to a Funding Action if the attachment types are other than Internal (UW) Documents. A validation message will display: “This action currently has attachments of an invalid type for the selected action type. Please correct the attachment types, choose a different action type or create a new action.”

OSP Comments You can include any additional information here. If you selected “Other” on the checkbox list, use Comments to provide an explanation.  You can edit or add to the Comments as needed. They can also be displayed on the tasklist.