Application Attachments

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Document Options

You can attach many types of documents to an application, including the documents to be submitted to the sponsor, internal documents for OSP to review, and administrative and award documents. You can view all of these documents from the Attachments & Routing Questions page.

The following table outlines the document options on the Attachments & Routing Questions page of the application.

These are uploaded by OSP staff to the related Funding Actions and/or Administrative Actions, and are only displayed here for convenience. SAGE users can also view these attachments.

Section Document Types Who Uploads
Documents to be Submitted to Sponsor Any files to be submitted to the sponsor, in the requested format. Application preparers
Internal Documents for OSP Any files requested or required by OSP or other unit reviewers for the internal review process, but which will not be submitted to the sponsor. Example: Cost Share Addendum. Application preparers
Internal Documents for Dept/School/ College Attachments that only your division, department or school/college need to review. Application preparers
Documents Uploaded by OSP Documents in support of or in reference to this application. OSP staff
Related Documents Administrative and award documents, which may include partially- and fully-executed award documents, signed concurrence letters, and notifications by sponsor.

While different rules apply to each section of the Attachments & Routing Questions page, the basic functionality for viewing, attaching, and updating documents is the same. Documents that you attach would typically be placed in the Documents Uploaded by OSP section of that page.

Note: Anyone with access to the application can view any of the attached documents, regardless of which section they’re in.

When you create an Auto-Generated Document for the application, the system will automatically attach it in the Documents Uploaded by OSP section.

Attaching a Document

  1. On the left navigation menu, click Attachments & Routing Questions
  2. Click the Lock icon to unlock the application.

The following image shows the attachments part of the Attachments & Routing Questions page.

application add attachments section

The Documents Uploaded by OSP section displays the comment “No attachments have been associated” and the Add Attachment link.

  1. Click Add Attachment to display the Upload Attachments dialog box, as shown in the image below.

spaerc application upload attachments

  1. Enter a description for the attachment, and then click Browse to locate the file you want to attach.
  2. Click the file name to select it and click Open, or double-click the file name.
  3. Click Upload to complete the process.

Updating an attached document

Click Update to the right of the attached document you want to update. In the Upload Attachment dialog box, enter a description, browse to find the new version, and upload it. The most recent version will display in the list of attachments.

Note: You can view previous versions of a document, but you can only update the most recent version.

application update attachments

Viewing an attached document

From the open application, click Attachments & Routing Questions, and then scroll to the document you want to review. The description, file name, version number, and date and time attached display for each file you uploaded.

Select the Description for the document you want to view. If you have uploaded multiple versions of the document, click the “+” button to access previous versions of the document.

Deleting an attached document

You can only delete attachments that are in the Documents Uploaded by OSP section of the page. When you unlock the application, a Delete link will display.

application attachment delete link