Unapprove Application


Note: Requires an ASTRA role of OSP System Administrator or GCS System Administrator to use.

This tool is used to display and then “unapprove” applications that were approved by OSP. The application is given a status of “In OSP” as a result.

Unapprove Application

If you click Cancel, you’ll be returned to the tools page.

To use the tool, enter the number of the application that needs to be changed, and click View Application. The lower part of the window will display some basic information about the eGC1 and the application’s Status page so that you can verify this is the proper application.

status history of the application

Once you view the application, the Unapprove button appears. Click on this to continue the process. A dialog box will appear asking if you’re sure. You can click Cancel to return to the view, or OK to unapprove.

The page will refresh, and will display the status change and “Application xxxxx has been unapproved.” An entry will be added to the eGC1’s History & Comments page, with “Un-Approved at OSP Request” as the action taken and SAGE/SPAERC Support Staff as the Name.


confirmation of status change back to in O S P

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