Changing Subaward Status

You can change the status of a subaward from the Overview page. Once you have unlocked the page, an SC Status Change button will appear in the upper-right of the page.

subaward status change

Clicking the button will open the Change Status dialog. In the status drop-down menu, all possible subaward statues display. However, you can only select the allowed ones.

subaward status change dialog

The OSP Note is optional. If you enter a note, it will appear in the All Event History & Comments section of the overview page.

Valid Subaward Status Changes

From Status To Status
In OSP, OSP Assigned, or Issued Canceled, if there are no subaward requests in Active or Expired status
Canceled In OSP, OSP Assigned, or Issued
Expired Active or Closed Out
Closed Out Active or Expired