Compliance Reviewers

The system adds reviewers to the approval flow when a preparer answers “Yes” to select compliance questions or to a compliance question in combination with other data.

The following table describes when a Compliance Reviewer is added, which individual or unit is added, and whether the Reviewer is an Approver or a Watcher.

Condition Reviewer Added Approver or Watcher
EHS-1 – Biohazards selected EHS BioSafety Watcher
EHS-1 – Select Agents and Toxins selected EHS Select Agents Approver
EHS-1 – Radioactive Materials selected EHS Radiation Watcher
EHS-1 -SCUBA Diving EHS Diving Watcher
EHS-1 – Chemical Tresholds EHS Fire Code Compliance Watcher
AU-1 = Yes AND The application is After-the-Fact (ATF)


The application type is:

  • Transfer from Another Institution
  • Supplement and Extension
Animal Subjects Approver; see additional notes below
SEC-4 = Yes (potentially involves access to classified national security information) Appears on older eGC1s Security Reviewer Approver

Additional Animal Use Notes

  • For an application with AU-1 = Yes, and an application type other than those listed above, the review is done just-in-time, when the sponsor notifies the PI that the proposal has a fundable score. Upon notification, the PI or other application owner adds Animal Subjects to the Approval Graph as an ad hoc watcher. The system then sends an email notification to the Animal Subjects reviewers and gives them access to the application.
  • On the Non-Fiscal Compliance page, if a user chooses an existing Hoverboard protocol or enters a new protocol, and the protocol indicates that the Primate Center will be used, then the Department/Center Reviewer for the Primate Center (org code 3010221000) is automatically added to the Approval Graph as an Approver.