Access Actions Returned to OSP by GCA

An FA or PAC with the status of In GCA is editable in SERA. Just as you can click a link and send an action to GCA, GCA has the option to “Return to OSP” any action that needs changes or additional information.

Clicking the return link opens a pop-up window. It includes a comments box for notes to OSP. The “Item will be assigned to” value is the OSP person the action is assigned to when GCA returns it.

When the GCA person clicks the Return to OSP button, the status of the action changes from In GCA to Returned by GCA, and the system automatically assigns the action to the person in OSP named in the Prepared By field (or to the Failover Team if the person is no longer OSP staff).

To see these items on your tasklist, you would need to include the Returned by GCA status in your tasklist option choices.

When you open the action in SPAERC, you can see the new status and assignment, and the action will be editable. It will be read-only for GCA.

action returned by G C A

You can see any text that GCA added to the GCA Comments field. In the OSP Notes History, you can see the entry for the Status change, with notes from GCA about the needed changes, and the Assignment to the OSP person who prepared the action.

action O S P notes history

Re-Send to GCA

On the left navigation menu, there will be a link to “Re-Send to GCA” for returning the FA or PAC to GCA once you have made the requested changes.

action re-send to G C A menu link

When you click the link a pop-up window opens, providing you a comment box.

Clicking on the Re-Send to GCA button will complete the process and change the action’s status to Re-Sent by OSP. A pink In GCA banner displays for the action and your access is set to read-only.

action in G C A banner

In SERA, the changes and notes are visible in the History section, which is similar to the OSP Notes History section, at the foot of the detail page.