FA and AA Attachments

This article explains how to:

Both Funding Actions (FAs) and Admin Actions (AAs) have an Attachments section where you can upload and view documents.

For FAs, the Attachment section displays just above the OSP Notes History section, near the bottom of the page.

funding action attachments section

For AAs, the Attachment section displays at the end of the first page section.

admin action attachments location

The system will automatically attach a copy of any Auto-Generated Document you create for the FA or AA in this section.

SPAERC indicates the number of attachments for FAs just beneath the Attachments heading.

Note: Campus users can view the documents you attach to an action from the Related Documents section of the eGC1.

To attach a document

  1. Click the Lock icon to unlock the action, if needed.
  2. Click Add Attachment, and then enter a description for the attachment.
  3. Use the File Type drop-down menu to select the type of document you plan to attach.

admin action adding an attachment


  1. Then click Choose File to locate the file you want to attach, click the file name to select it.
  2. Click Upload to complete the process. The page will display information about the attachment and the system will update the attachment count.

action attachment list
Note: You can change the File Type after you have attached the document.

To view attached documents

Click the View link to the right of the attachment information to open the attachment in a new window.

To update an attached document

You can upload a new version of the document using the “update” function for the existing attachment. SPAERC maintains all of the attached versions of a document.

  1. Click Update to the right of the attached document you want to update. The File Type drop-down menu will automatically display the type of the document you are updating.
  2. Enter a description, browse to find the new document, and upload it. Only the updated version will display in the list of attachments.
  3. To see the earlier versions of a document, click the “+” to the left of the attachment description to expand the version history. Click the “-” button to contract it.

action attachment updated with new version


  • you can update or delete only the most recent version of a document.
  • When you update a document, the total attachment count doesn’t change.

To delete an attached document

  1. Click Delete to the right of the attached document you want to remove.