Change Parent

To change the parent of an Admin Action or Funding Action:

  1. Open the action and click the lock icon to unlock it.
  2. Click the Change the Parent Item link to display the Specify a Relationship page.

funding action change parent

  1. Choose the appropriate parent type from the drop-down menu. The parent types available will vary depending on the type of action; funding actions can only have an application as a parent and post-award changes can only have a funding action as a parent.
  2. Use the Search Criteria to find the desired parent item.
  3. Click Make Parent at the far right of your selected item.

make parent link

When changing an action from one parent to another:

  • If the current parent is in a cycle, the system will prompt you to decide whether to adopt the new parent’s project detail values and overwrite the existing ones. To do so, click the Adopt Parent Field checkbox, and then click Confirm Overwrite.
  • If the current parent is a cycle, the system will prompt you to confirm the cycle change. To do so, click Confirm Overwrite.

cycle overwrite dialog

Note: The system will overwrite the project detail values.