Open a Cycle

If you have information about an item that is in a cycle you want to view, you can use the item to open the cycle. You can do this from the Tasklist of any Application, Funding Action, or Admin Action or from the opened item itself.

To open a Cycle from the Tasklist of an Item in the Cycle

  1. From the Tasklist, find the item that is in the Cycle you want to open.
  2. Click action to display the menu for that item.
  1. Click Open Cycle to open the Cycle Details page in a new window.

open cycle from tasklist actions button

To open a Cycle from an item in the Cycle

When you are working directly in an item, you can navigate to its parent Cycle from the open item.

  1. From the open item, hover over the Cycle Details Tab to view the cycle details (including the Cycle ID Number) and links to other items in the Cycle.

open cycle from cycle details tab flyout

  1. Click View Cycle Details. This will refresh the window to display the Cycle Details page.

Note: If the item is not in a Cycle, then the Actions +  menu will not include the “Open Cycle” link, and the Cycle Details tab will not display any details.