Close Outs

OSP uses a Close Out (CO) internally to track that the closeout of a sponsored program occurs in accordance with federal regulations, specific sponsor policies and the terms of the award within the timeframe required by the sponsor.

To create a Close Out, follow the directions to Create an Admin Action, and then convert the AA to a CO. This action is usually the child of an Application.

When you create a CO, you must specify the type by selecting a checkbox under Close Out Action.

Close Out Field Definitions

A Close Out has specific fields in addition to the common admin action fields.

Field Description
Award End Date The ending date of the award.
Closeout Deadline Date The deadline as defined by the sponsor.
Closeout Delinquent Date This is a read-only field, and is equal to the Closeout Deadline Date plus 30 days. It will automatically display.
Close Out Actions There are four types

  • Technical Report
  • Invention Statement
  • Archive File
  • Other (explain in comments)

Review GIM 39 Closeout of Sponsored Programs for details on the closeout process.