Subaward Contacts

On the Subaward Overview page, you can update the Subaward Contacts:

  • UW PI
  • Subaward Preparer
  • Financial Contact
  • Subrecipient PI
  • Subrecipient Contact

By default, this accordion section is collapsed. You can expand it by selecting the V-shaped “chevron” at the far right of the section title. Clicking the rotated chevron will re-collapse the section.

subaward contacts

 UW Contacts

The Subaward Preparer is the person who created the Subaward. You can update this entry.

The UW Principal Investigator name, email and phone automatically populate from the selected application.

You may change any of the UW contacts (UW PI, Subaward Preparer, or Financial Contact) by selecting the appropriate “change” link. It will open the standard Personnel Chooser. Search for and select a person. The email and phone fields will auto-populate, and are editable.

Subrecipient Contacts

You can edit the Subrecipient PI’s name, email and phone along with the Subrecipient Contact name, email and the Contact notes.