Application Columns

The Application Tasklist displays all applications in a status other than Composing.  Applications still in Composing status are not viewable in SPAERC.

The following table describes the columns available on the Applications Tasklist and the type of information included in each column. The list is alphabetical by column name.

Tasklist Column Description
Application ID System-generated unique identification number; the same number used in SAGE.
Application Type New, Resubmission, Non-Competing Renewal, etc.
Assigned To Initial OSP staff assignment is system-generated; you can change the assignment to another OSP staff person.
ATF After-the-Fact; indicates the application was created after the sponsor agreed to fund a project and that the funding information is attached.
Award # Sponsor’s Award Number
Budget # UW Budget number from the financial system.
Cycle # Unique number of associated cycle, if the application has been placed in a cycle
Elec to Sponsor Indicates whether the proposal will be submitted electronically, and, if so, by which means
End Date Requested End Date of the proposal
F&A Rate Facilities & Administrative cost rate
Group The OSP group responsible for processing the Application
Has Adobe Submission Icon (arrow pointing to upper left, with stylized red A) displays after you enter the tracking number on the Status page
Has Attachments? Icon (blue page with folded corner) displays if the application has any attachments
Has S2S Package Icon (arrow pointing to upper left) displays for Grant Runner applications. (S2S is the abbreviation for system-to-system.)
On Compliance Hold? Icon (yellow octagon with red letter C) displays if the application is on hold for compliance reasons
On Non-Compliance Hold? Icon (yellow octagon) displays if the application is on hold for non-compliance reasons
Org Rcvg Funding Name of the organization receiving funding
Org Rcvg Funding Code UW 10-digit code for the organization receiving funding
OSP Due Date Date needed from OSP
OSP Received Date Date the application reached In OSP status
Paper Indicates that the research team will submit paper documents to OSP in support of the application
PI Name Principal Investigator’s name
Ready to Submit Indicates whether the application is complete, includes all the necessary documents, and is ready for submission to the sponsor. Per GIM 19, the application must be fully complete by three business days before the sponsor deadline.
Routing Type Online, by default, or Paper if it predated online routing
Short Title Short Title of the proposal
Sponsor Deadline Sponsor deadline
Sponsor Name Sponsor name
Sponsored Program Activity Type Applied Research, Basic Research, etc.
Start Date Requested Start Date of the proposal
Status In OSP, Routing, Returned, etc.

You can personalize your tasklist to display only the information you’re interested in tracking. For example, you can select which columns display and the order of the columns, among other things.