February 2019 SAGE Maintenance Release

General SAGE Suite Maintenance Items


Submission deadline warning notification no longer sent for RRF eGC1s

Principal Investigators and Preparers of eGC1s to the Royalty Research Fund (RRF) will no longer receive the automated email sent from SAGE 3-6 days prior to the Sponsor Deadline when the proposal is marked as not ready for submission. This notification was not applicable to RRF proposals and caused confusion.

SAGE Budget

Add links to connected eGC1s and Budgets on SAGE task lists

When an eGC1 is connected to a SAGE Budget, links between the two will now display on the My eGC1s and My Budgets task lists, making it quicker and easier to navigate between the two.

my e g c 1 page showing connected budget link

my budgets page showing connected e g c 1 link

Prefix and/or Suffix fields added for personnel in SAGE Budget

Users can now enter a Prefix and/or Suffix for personnel in SAGE Budget. These will display on the Budget worksheet, and when using the Grant Runner Budget Sync feature will flow directly to the NIH RR Detailed Budget form on the connected eGC1. This ensures personnel will display on the sponsor form with their preferred titles/credentials.

Budget Sync performance improvements

The new Grant Runner Budget Sync feature has been optimized to now perform faster, allowing users to complete their proposals more quickly.

SAGE Grant Runner

Allow Grant Runner eGC1s to route with Grants.gov and NIH errors

The Certify & Route page of the eGC1 has been updated to make routing choices more clear and intuitive.

Additionally, when using a Grant Runner eGC1, as long as the eGC1 is marked “Ready to Submit” = No, users will now be allowed to route their eGC1s for review while there are still outstanding NIH and Grants.gov errors.

A new warning displays on Certify & Route page when there are grants.gov and/or NIH errors:

example of warning message


Add Award Modification Number to Cycle View

The Cycle view in SPAERC has been updated to include a “Mod Nbr” column to reflect Award Modification Numbers on Funding Actions and Modification Numbers on Subaward Actions.

Changes to Defaulting Behavior on Funding Actions

Defaulting logic for the Disposition and Carryover fields on Funding Actions has been revised to improve data accuracy.

  • If Payment type is changed to Cost Reimbursable from another value, then the Disposition of Balance field is reset to “Not Applicable”
  • If Payment type is changed to Letter of Credit from another value, then the Disposition of Balance field is reset to “Not Applicable”
  • If Sponsor is changed to Royalty Research Fund (RRF) from another value, then
    • Disposition of Balance field is reset to “Return to Sponsor”
    • Carryover is reset to “Automatic Carryover”
  • If SNAP is checked after a value is already set in the Carryover field, then the Carryover value is reset to “Automatic Carryover”

OSP Team C assignment updates

The rules that govern who the default OSP reviewer will be for eGC1s that have been routed for review have been updated to facilitate the appropriate eGC1s being assigned to OSP’s new Contracts Team. eGC1s will be assigned to the Team C Administrator under the following conditions:

  • Application Type = Non-Award Agreement (new) or Non-Award Agreement (continuation)
  • After the Fact (ATF) is marked “Yes” and the Sponsor Type is “Private Industry” or “Foreign Private Industry”


Add validation in SERA for missing short title

The Short Title on Funding Actions is now required in SERA prior to save in order to resolve an error that occurred when the Short Title was saved blank.