Reset Status

You can reset the status of an Approved or Denied by Sponsor application, and some Permanently Withdrawn applications.

Note: To have an Awarded application reset to Approved, contact the ORIS Support Desk.

When you open an application that you can reset, you will see a Reset Status link on the left navigation menu below Email Notifications.

reset status link on the left navigation menu

Select this link to open the Reset Status pop-up window.

application reset status dialog

In the Reset Status section, the current or “From” status of the application displays. You will need to select the “To” status from the drop-down menu. The system will only display allowed choice(s), as listed below.

From To Notes
Approved In OSP
Denied by Sponsor Approved
Permanently Withdrawn In OSP Only if the application reached this status
Permanently Withdrawn Approved Only if the application reached this status

Note: You cannot reset applications that were Permanently Withdrawn by their research team using SAGE. These would be applications that were withdrawn or returned before reaching In OSP status.

Application Details Section

This section will list a few identifying pieces of information:

  • eGC1 Number
  • Short Title
  • PI Name
  • Org Code Receiving Funding
  • Sponsor Name

OSP Notes

You must enter some text in the OSP Notes field. Use it to explain why you are making this change of status. You also have the option to reassign the item when resetting its status.

The system will display an entry under OSP Notes and History & Comments indicating who made the status change, when it was made, and showing the entered notes. Any assignment change will also appear on the OSP Notes page.

Reset Status

Click this button to complete the process of changing the eGC1’s status.


Click this link to cancel the status change and return to your eGC1.