SPAERC organizes items into tasklists to help you manage your work. Each tasklist displays all items of a specific type.

Following articles describe how to navigate, sort, and personalize your takslists and how to create custom tasklists.

SPAERC includes five standard tasklists. Click on any item type to see a list of all possible columns for that tasklist.

  • Applications: lists all existing items in any status other than Composing.
  • Funding Actions: lists all existing items, in any status. You create a Funding Action (FA) after the sponsor awards an application. The FA provides information to Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) so they can set up a budget.
  • Subawards: lists all existing items, in any status. The Subcontracts group within OSP manages subawards. The research team creates subaward requests using SAGE.
  • Cycles: lists all existing items. Cycles group together related applications, funding actions, subcontracts, admin actions, and advance budget number requests.
  • Admin Actions: lists all existing items, in any status. There are several types of Admin Actions: unidentified (AA), Pre-Award Notification (PAN), Post-Award Change (PAC), Non-Award Agreement (NAA), and Close Out (CO).