Known Issues

Permanently Withdrawn Link Not Displayed

Issue: When the eGC1 to be marked as Permanently Withdrawn has a child FA (of any status), the Permanently Withdrawn link does not display on the left navigation menu when viewing the basic eGC1 pages.

Workaround: View one of the “approvals” pages (Approval Flow, History & Comments, Email Notifications) and the link will be displayed.

Status Problem Due to Returning an eGC1 with an Ad Hoc OSP Approver

Issue: When an eGC1 has reached a status of In OSP, the standard OSP approval node will have an approval status of Waiting Approval. If OSP adds a colleague as an “ad hoc” Approver by name, for a second opinion or purposes of training, both the ad hoc Approver node and the standard OSP node will have a status of “Waiting Approval.”

When the application is returned by OSP before the ad hoc node is approved, and campus re-completes the application, the graph’s logic changes. When it is redrawn upon re-completion, the ad hoc OSP Approver node is considered to be a campus approver with an approval status of Waiting Approval, and the standard OSP node will have an approval status of En Route. Therefore, the status of the eGC1 is set to Routing rather than back to In OSP as expected. Unless the OSP staff have included eGC1s with a status of Routing in their tasklist view, the application will not appear on their tasklist.

This causes confusion for both the campus user who can verify that the eGC1 has been re-completed and the OSP Administrator who cannot see the eGC1 because of the unexpected status change.

Note: Once the ad hoc OSP Approver node is “approved” the status of the application will change from Routing to In OSP.

Solution: When an eGC1 does not show up on the Tasklist for an Administrator in OSP but Campus asserts to have Re-Completed it, have OSP include “Routing” on their tasklist filtering, or search for the specific application.

Auto-Holds on Processed FAs

Issue: When the parent application is changed for an FA that is in Processed status, compliance auto-holds may appear, depending on the data in the new parent application. The process of applying auto-holds does not check the FA’s status when it is re-parented. Since the FA is not editable when in Processed status, the holds cannot be removed.

The system should either not allow re-parenting of processed FAs, or not apply auto-holds when a processed FA is re-parented. The appropriate fix based on business processes needs to be determined.

Application’s Admin Actions Tab

Issue: When you click the Admin Action tab to see a list of Admin Actions related to an Application, the PI’s Name does not display on the list of those related Admin Actions.

Workaround: Open the  Admin Action to see the PI’s Name.

FA First Period Amount

Issue: When creating an FA from an application where the preparer manually enters the values into just the totals column (because there is only one period), the value for the First Period Amount Requested will display as 0 on the FA. The Total Amount Requested will be correct.

Close Out Validation

Issue: Currently, there is no validation of required fields when a Close Out admin action is approved.

If necessary, the Close Out can be returned to In OSP status to have data added, and then be approved again.