Cycle Assignments

From the Assignment tab of an open Cycle, you can reassign a cycle, or bulk assign items within a cycle to a new user, or view assignment history. The following image shows this tab.

cycle assignments tab

To reassign a Cycle to another user or File

  1. Locate and open the Cycle you want to reassign, and click the Assignments tab.
  2. Select the new assignee for the Cycle.
  3. Enter a note for the reassignment, if desired.
  4. Click assign to complete the reassignment.

Note: A Cycle assigned to File cannot be reassigned.

To bulk assign items to a new user

Because a Cycle contains a number of items, you can do a bulk assignment of the related items to a single user.

You may have two or more applications in a Cycle, with related Funding Actions and Admin Actions. Using the Cycle Assignment actions, you can reassign all these items to the same user.

  1. Open the Cycle containing the items to reassign, and click the Assignments tab.
  2. If hidden, click “Show Related Cycle Items” to display the Cycle items in this Cycle.
  3. Select the checkboxes for the items which you want to reassign.
  4. From the Assign to drop-down menu, select the new user to whom you are assigning the items.
  5. Add an OSP Note if desired.
  6. Click assign to complete the item reassignment.

View Cycle Assignment History

To view the assignment history:

  1. Open the Cycle
  2. Select the Assignments tab.
  3. Under Cycle Assignment History, click Show Assignment History to expand the Assignment History. This section lists the assignment history and comments for this item.
  • Date Assigned: The date when the assignment occurred
  • Assigned By: The person who made the assignment
  • Assigned to: The new assignment, either person or location
  • OSP Note Text: Any notes entered with a reassignment. If the system automatically assigns an item at creation, it will enter a system note.