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New Features in SAGE

SAGE eGC1 copy feature - copy all sponsor info
SAGE Search Enhancements: Personnel look up added to eGC1s search
SAGE Search: Show all results beyond access
Additional FG-3 compliance question validation for RRF eGC1s
Increase character limit in "Reason" field when adding Approvers and Watchers
We now will show all recipients on the TO line of SAGE auto-generated email notifications.
Preliminary Benefit Rates are now available to SAGE users.
Now in the Salaries and Wages section of the SAGE Budget Worksheet, additional earn types such as administrative supplements are selected by default, but users may deselect them.
Related disclosures are now displayed in the Compliance Details column in the Personnel section, on the PI & Personnel page of an eGC1.
The Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Department revised their compliance questions on the eGC1. The changes were made to reflect regulatory and EH&S program updates.
A new message will display informing users which OSP person is handling their application in case they need to contact OSP for a correction and return of the eGC1.
The advance budget form signature disclaimer was modified to show new wording.
The ready to submit (RTS) field is now required on all eGC1’s.
Users will be unable to withdraw the eGC1’s once RTS is selected and the eGC1 is “IN OSP”.
On the eGC1's PI and Personnel Page, Review and FCOI status now display in the Compliance Details column.


Bug fix: 99 error on edit of eGC1 in Denied or Permanently Withdrawn status with attached budget
Bug fix: Problem with third party Cost Sharing data
Grant Runner – Disabling of the checkbox for optional forms while editing
New error message displayed when you have attachment upload errors due to hidden or invalid characters in file name
Fixed: inadvertent sending of disclosure notifications
HSD JIT email notifications are supressed for RRF eGC1s
New clarifying message displayed when clicking on Investigator Disclosure History and FIDS Profile is not yet established
We fixed several bugs related to PI Assurance so that PI Assurance values will be retained and displayed appropriately. We also corrected all of the eGC1s that were affected by the bugs.
Adding and then removing an admin/budget contact in SAGE Budget takes you to the navigation instead of the wizard.
Hyphenated names now display properly.
Advance budget is marked as ineligible when a user copies an older eGC1.
A validation message will be displayed if a user attempts to add a person a second time on the eGC1 PI and Personnel page.
All new approval snapshots will be in PDF format; the HTML option has been removed.
Personnel from older eGC1s who showed up as duplicate owners will now be displayed once.
On applications which use human subjects and stem cells, you cannot leave comments without choosing a Type on the Compliance Explanations page.
SAGE will only copy valid 4th level org codes. Incorrect and expired org codes will be removed from copied eGC1s.
In Grant Runner, the PHS398 cover letter Update and View links will now display correctly.
The SAGE Budget wizard can now handle F&A rates correctly for grants which go beyond the agreement dates.
You will not be able to select or copy inactive sponsors on your eGC1, and SAGE will remove inactive sponsors from copied eGC1s.
Question HS-2 now displays in the SAGE Approval Application Summary when the research involves the use and/or creation of human embryonic stem cells. New in October.
The F&A checkbox displays correctly when the F&A rates are customized at the period level in SAGE Budget.
When the Wizard Details Manager page of a Grant Runner application is opened, the UW Box Numbers on the Details page will display correctly.
Fixed the PAC notifications so that all Pre-Award Budget Contacts, eGC1 Creators, and Administrative Contacts will now receive Post-Award Change (PAC) email notifications.
SAGE Budget - Display Issue after deleting a line item when Targets & Limits is enabled
Budget Subcontracts Information Not Appearing on the PDF Version of the Printable eGC1
Error when opening Targets and Limits auto-adjusting entries with read-only access.
Cascade non-salary line items when a period is added.
Revised period range calculation results in error where effort exceeds period length
Monthly salary setup for TBD personnel on sub budgets not copying to periods
Corrected TBD starting monthly salary on sub budget not copying to periods
Changing period dates flips academic/summer months on salary lines
Period months incorrect when period start and end dates are in months of different durations (e.g. 28, 30, 31 days)
Grant Runner - Re-ordering of Mandatory Forms
Grant Runner: Appendix file on Research Plan added to Research Strategy section in error
My Approvals Advanced Search - Date range not working correctly; eGC1 Number mis-handling large values

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