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New Features in SAGE

SAGE eGC1s and Approvals Search Enhancements
eGC1 Abstract & RFA/RFP Data Required
Grant Runner Design Enhancements
Grant Runner Infrastructure Improvements
Grant Runner: Key Person Expanded Update
Grant Runner: Modular Budget Updates
Grant Runner: Other Project Information Updates
Grant Runner: Performance Site Updates
Grant Runner: PHS 398 Research Plan Updates
Grant Runner: SF 424 Updates
Grant Runner: Wizard Detail Manager Eliminated
Addition of University District Building to Location List
Suppression of HSD JIT and GIM 19 notifications for ATF and Industry Sponsored Clinical Trail eGC1s
Updated handling when a user attempts to remove themself from an eGC1 or Budget
SAGE eGC1 copy feature - copy all sponsor info


Grant Runner Check for Package Errors Page Print Issue
Human Subjects JIT Email Sent Only for Approved eGC1s
Unnecessary Email Sent to eGC1 Approvers
Grant Runner Read-Only View Display Issue
Grant Runner Error Message Corrections
Grant Runner Conditional Attachment Issue
Bug fix: 99 error on edit of eGC1 in Denied or Permanently Withdrawn status with attached budget
Bug fix: Problem with third party Cost Sharing data
Grant Runner – Disabling of the checkbox for optional forms while editing
New error message displayed when you have attachment upload errors due to hidden or invalid characters in file name
Fixed: inadvertent sending of disclosure notifications
HSD JIT email notifications are supressed for RRF eGC1s
New clarifying message displayed when clicking on Investigator Disclosure History and FIDS Profile is not yet established
We fixed several bugs related to PI Assurance so that PI Assurance values will be retained and displayed appropriately. We also corrected all of the eGC1s that were affected by the bugs.
Hyphenated names now display properly.

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