Project Details


This section provides categorization information about the application. If you are unsure of how to answer these questions, please consult with the Principal Investigator or your local administrator.

You must select both a Project Type and a Sponsored Program Activity Type.

project details section on the application details page

Project Type Description
Grant Identifies the application as a non-contractual award.
Contract Identifies the application funding mechanism as a contractual arrangement.

For more complete definitions of these terms see the OSP Glossary

Note: Do not use an eGC1 for processing gifts. See Gift Processing for information on this topic.

Sponsored Program Activity Type

Select a value from the drop-down menu. It is organized by Institutional Activity Types: Organized Research, Instruction, and Other Sponsored Activity. For definitions, see GIM 13: Activity Types.

Note: if you choose the type “IPA/JPA/Staff Assignment” then the application is considered to be non-competing.

Institutional Activity Types Sponsored Program Activity Types
Organized Research
  • Research: Basic
  • Research: Applied
  • Development
  • Fellowship: Research Undergraduate
  • Fellowship: Research Graduate/Professional
  • Other Training: Research
  • Clinical Trail: Federal Sponsors
  • Training and Development (UW Internal)
  • Fellowship: Non-Research Undergraduate
  • Fellowship: Non-Research Graduate/Professional
Other Sponsored Activity
  • Professional Development/Public Service (UW External)
  • Construction
  • Equipment
  • Clinical Trial: Non-Federal Sponsors
  • Other Sponsored Activity
  • IPA/JPA/Staff Assignment

Clinical Trial Phase

This field will display if you select either of the Clinical Trail values for SPA Type. Select the appropriate value. Choices are: I, II, III, IV, and Other. For definition of these choices, see the Clinical Trials web page.

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