May 2015 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features

Grant Runner: Update Detailed Budget Roles to Free Text

On the Grant Runner detailed budget forms (project and subaward budgets) the key persons role type has been converted from a drop-down list to an open text box, to allow users to enter a wider range of other roles not previously listed. For example, users can now enter “Consortium PI” on the subaward budgets, or any other role type necessary.

Grant Runner: Round budget indirect totals to whole number

NIH Guidelines ask for detailed budget figures to be entered as whole dollars. In the indirect cost section of the detailed budget, where the total was automatically calculated based on rates and base amounts, cents were included without allowing users the ability to change the figure to a whole number. With this update, the indirect cost totals on the project and subaward detailed budgets and the modular budget forms will be rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

Provide visibility to missing investigator emails (201633)

In order to ensure attention is drawn to situations where an investigator may not receive a disclosure notification email, due to a missing email address, the PI & Personnel page of the eGC1 is being updated to display available email addresses.  The available email address will display for everyone listed on the PI & Personnel page, and when one isn’t available a message of “Email Address Unlisted” will display in its place.

In addition, if a disclosure notification fails to send to an investigator due to no email address being available, then the eGC1 Preparer will be sent an email they can forward to the investigator.

Require Email and Phone Number for eGC1 Preparer (206089)

In order to ensure that eGC1 preparers receive key email notifications generated from SAGE and SPAERC, including the newly added email above which forwards disclosure notifications when investigators cannot be reached by email, the Preparer’s phone number and email address are now required on the eGC1.


PI entry erroneously cleared

Under certain circumstances during the updating of a PI on the eGC1, the entry was not saving correctly, resulting in the PI entry being blanked out and at times causing an error that the user could not resolve. This fix corrects the issue, allowing PI changes to be saved appropriately.

FCOI JIT Email Update

The primary contacts on the eGC1 will now only receive the FCOI JIT email once, rather than anytime the contacts listed on the eGC1 change.