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May 2015 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features

Grant Runner: Update Detailed Budget Roles to Free Text

On the Grant Runner detailed budget forms (project and subaward budgets) the key persons role type has been converted from a drop-down list to an open text box, to allow users to enter a wider range of other roles not previously listed. For example, users can now enter “Consortium PI” on the subaward budgets, or any other role type necessary.

Grant Runner: Round budget indirect totals to whole number

NIH Guidelines ask for detailed budget figures to be entered as whole dollars. In the indirect cost section of the detailed budget, where the total was automatically calculated based on rates and base amounts, cents were included without allowing users the ability to change the figure to a whole number. With this update, the indirect cost totals on the project and subaward detailed budgets and the modular budget forms will be rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

Provide visibility to missing investigator emails (201633)

In order to ensure attention is drawn to situations where an investigator may not receive a disclosure notification email, due to a missing email address, the PI & Personnel page of the eGC1 is being updated to display available email addresses.  The available email address will display for everyone listed on the PI & Personnel page, and when one isn’t available a message of “Email Address Unlisted” will display in its place.

In addition, if a disclosure notification fails to send to an investigator due to no email address being available, then the eGC1 Preparer will be sent an email they can forward to the investigator.

Require Email and Phone Number for eGC1 Preparer (206089)

In order to ensure that eGC1 preparers receive key email notifications generated from SAGE and SPAERC, including the newly added email above which forwards disclosure notifications when investigators cannot be reached by email, the Preparer’s phone number and email address are now required on the eGC1.


PI entry erroneously cleared

Under certain circumstances during the updating of a PI on the eGC1, the entry was not saving correctly, resulting in the PI entry being blanked out and at times causing an error that the user could not resolve. This fix corrects the issue, allowing PI changes to be saved appropriately.

FCOI JIT Email Update

The primary contacts on the eGC1 will now only receive the FCOI JIT email once, rather than anytime the contacts listed on the eGC1 change.

October 2014 SAGE Maintenance Release


  • An issue in FIDS that caused disclosure notifications to be sent to investigators who had already completed a primary eGC1 disclosure has been fixed. Investigators will only receive notifications if they have not already been sent one and if they have not already completed a primary disclosure for that eGC1.

When a preparer completes an eGC1 and submits it into routing, SAGE automatically sends an email notification to the Principal Investigator (PI). The notification email specifies the action required of the reviewer and includes a direct link to the approval graph.

Note: If the person initially routing the eGC1 for approval is the PI, then the system assumes PI approval of the eGC1 at that time.

Once the PI has approved, SAGE automatically notifies the next set of reviewers on the approval flow. Each authorized reviewer for a unit receives a notification, but only one reviewer is required to review and approve the eGC1. Once a reviewer approves the eGC1, the status of the node on the approval graph changes to “Approved by” followed by that reviewer’s name. The node also changes color from Waiting Approval (purple) to Approved (light green).

The following image shows an example graph. After the PI approved the eGC1, SAGE would have notified the Department Reviewers for Bioengineering and the Dean Reviewers for the College of Engineering. One of the reviewers for Bioengineering has approved, while the eGC1 is still “Waiting Approval” for the College of Engineering. The eGC1 is “En Route” to the remaining reviewers.

example graph approval flow

As the preceding nodes in the graph move to “approved” statue, the system notifies the next node(s) and they change status (and color) from En Route to Waiting Approval. For the example in the image above, when a College of Engineering Dean Reviewer approves, the School of Medicine Dean Reviewers receive notifications, since by following the thread (connecting lines), you can see that the college node is earlier in the flow.

Note: Any campus reviewer may approve the application prior to receiving their notification. The system does not impose any specific order on the approvals.

Once all of the campus reviewers have approved the eGC1, it moves to In OSP status, and the system sends an email to the eGC1 Preparer, PI, Application PI (if any), Administrative Contact, and Pre-Award Budget Contact notifying them of the status change.

You can view the list of email notifications sent to reviewers, and preparers and contacts for a specific application by clicking Email Notifications from the left-navigation menu.

The information displayed includes:

Field Description
Name: The person receiving the notification.
Rule Type (and Organization) The reason for the email notification. This is based on the role listed on the approval graph.
Action Taken The action that caused the email notification to be sent.
Date The date and time the notification was sent.
Email Address The email address where the notification was sent. SAGE generally sends email to the “UW NetID” email address.

The Email Notifications Details article describes when, why, and to whom the system sends notifications.

This page describes the email notifications sent during the approval process. The SAGE Suite Email Notifications article provides information about other system emails.

Who is Notified When and Why

SAGE sends a number of email notifications during the routing and approval process. The table below lists each notification type, the condition that generates the email, and the recipients. SAGE generally sends emails to the person’s UW NetID address.

Note: If a reviewer approves an eGC1 before the email notification would have been sent, the system does not send it.

Click the link in the Email column to see an example of its content.

Email Purpose Sent When Sent To
Approval Required by PI or Unit Reviewer To alert  the PI or the unit reviewers that an eGC1 is waiting for approval For the PI, if the eGC1 is “Completed” by someone other than the PI, or when a node on the approval graph changes from En Route to Waiting status Principal Investigator named on the eGC1 or to the ASTRA authorized persons for this role and organizational code
eGC1 Available for Review by Watcher To alert unit reviewers that an eGC1 is available for review (no approval requested) The node on the approval graph changes to Watching ASTRA authorized persons for this role and organizational code
PI Responsibility Escalated  Notifies the PI that an eGC1 is being submitted in his/her name and that the PI Approval is being “escalated” due to his/her absence PI Escalation is selected on the Certify & Route page of the eGC1 Principal Investigator named on the eGC1
Approval Required of Re-Completed eGC1 To notify units that the eGC1 is back in routing and is waiting for approval (again)  An eGC1 gets pushed back into routing after it was Withdrawn or Returned (the review process continues from where it left off)  ASTRA designated unit reviewers who were in Waiting status when the eGC1 was either Withdrawn or Returned – their nodes will go back to Waiting status
eGC1 Returned by Reviewer To alert the owners of the need to modify eGC1 data Any approver clicking the RETURN button on the approvals flow eGC1 Preparer, PI, Application PI, Budget Contact, Admin Contact – the reason the application is being returned will be contained in the email notification
eGC1 Received at OSP To alert the owners that the eGC1 has reached OSP and will begin the central review process – this email provides the name of the person in OSP assigned to review the application All campus units and any individuals listed on the graph have approved the eGC1 eGC1 Preparer, PI, Application PI, Admin Contact, Budget Contact
Approval Required of Ad Hoc Reviewer To alert an ad hoc Approver that an eGC1 waiting for approval When you use the Add Approver function and the node changes to Waiting status; this may be for a role or a person If you add a role, then SAGE notifies the ASTRA designated unit reviewers. If you add a specific person, then SAGE only notifies that person.
eGC1 Available for Review by Ad Hoc Watcher To alert an ad hoc Watcher that an application is available for review When you use the Add Watcher function and the node changes to Waiting status; this may be for a role or a person  If you add a role, then SAGE notifies the ASTRA designated unit reviewers. If you add a specific person, then SAGE only notifies that person.

May 2014 SAGE Release

New Features

SAGE eGC1s and Approvals Search Enhancements

Users will see a few new search features available to them, on the eGC1 and Approvals task lists.

  • Users will now be able to jump more directly to a particular eGC1 from their My eGC1s or My Approvals pages, using a new eGC1 search field located on the task lists.
  • Users can now search in My Approvals by personnel name. Search results will include all eGC1s for which they are an approver or watcher, where the chosen person is listed on the PI & Personnel page regardless of role type.
  • The PI Name field has been added back to the My eGC1s Advanced Search tool, to allow users to quickly enter all or part of a PI’s name and initiate a search. This feature was removed in January, when the Personnel Search feature was added, but by user request, both fields will now be available for those that like the speed of being able to quickly find eGC1s by PI name.
  • When a user performs an Advanced Search from the My eGC1s task list, they will be able to export their search results to Excel.

Addition of University District Building to Location List

  • The University District Building has been added to the off campus locations list found on the FG-2 compliance explanations section of the eGC1. It will now be easier for eGC1 Preparers to select that building when projects are eligible for the location designation of “off campus”, and will no longer need to enter the location address.

Suppression of HSD JIT and GIM 19 notifications for ATF and Industry Sponsored Clinical Trail eGC1s

  • Human Subjects Just-In-Time email notifications and GIM 19 deadline email notifications will no longer be sent to contacts for eGC1s that are after-the-fact or industry sponsored clinical trials.

Updated handling when users attempt to remove themselves from an eGC1 or Budget

  • When users remove themselves from an eGC1 or budget, they will now receive a warning, alerting them that their access to that eGC1 or budget may be affected. When users remove their last access to an eGC1 or budget, they will now be redirected back to their task list.

September 2013 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features

New Public Health Service (PHS) Sponsor Web site

  • To make it easy to find the list of current Public Health Service sponsors, we created a new PHS Sponsors web page.The FCOI online training and other communications will have links to this page.

SAGE Record retention – Removing aged eGC1 attachments

  • In compliance with the UW Records Retention policy, on October 1st, 2013, we will be removing attachments from grant applications (eGC1s) which were never awarded and have a sponsor deadline before January 9, 2009. This will free up storage space and simplify data management. The eGC1s without their attachments will remain in SAGE for reporting purposes. We informed all affected PIs on September 19, 2013.

Users are no longer able to send disclosure notifications from eGC1’s where the sponsor name is “Pending – Notify OSP of Correct Sponsor”

  • If the sponsor has not yet been filled in, you will not be able to send the notifications either. This will help ensure that the correct disclosure rules and requirements are applied when the investigators are updating their SFI in FIDS.

We have improved the organization of the disclosures on the PI & Personnel pages.

  • The primary disclosure will display in italics, followed by related disclosures ordered from most recent to oldest. Users will be able to view the one-year history of all of an Investigator’s submitted disclosures by clicking the new Investigator Disclosure History link.

July 2013 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features

Notification dates were added to the PI & Personnel page.

  • To help administrators know when to follow up with investigators, the PI & Personnel Page now displays the date when each investigator was notified by SAGE email to create a disclosure for an eGC1 and when the eGC1 reaches the Just in Time (JIT) phase.


  • We fixed several bugs related to PI Assurance so that PI Assurance values will be retained and displayed appropriately. We also corrected all of the eGC1s that were affected by the bugs.

August 2012 SAGE and FIDS Release

New Features

These changes were made as a result of introducing the new Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS) which integrates with SAGE.

On the eGC1 PI & Personnel page:

  • eGC1 Preparers can select Investigator status.
  • Disclosure notifications to investigators to complete a disclosure in FIDS can now be sent.
  • Each investigator’s SFI status will display based on the information in FIDS.
  • The PHS FCOI training status will display.
  • The FIDS disclosure status will display.
  • Changes may be made to the PI or personnel after the eGC1 has been approved by OSP.
  • The history of any post-approval PI or personnel changes will be displayed.

On the Certify & Route page:

  •  An eGC1 cannot be completed until all investigators have received disclosure notifications.
  • The Ready to Submit question cannot be answered as “Yes” until all investigators have completed their disclosures in FIDS.

The Disclosure Notification section appears on the PI & Personnel page.

disclosure notification section

The Send Disclosure Notification button is used to notify investigators that they have to complete a disclosure (thus linking the disclosure with the eGC1). The button displays both before and after OSP approves the eGC1.

Note: If the Sponsor name (on the Details page) is either blank or “Pending – Notify OSP of Correct Sponsor” the Send Disclosure Notifications button will be grayed out, and an alert message displays. Once you select a Sponsor, the button will become active.

You should send Disclosure Notifications:

  • As soon as possible when the eGC1 is composing. If you haven’t sent the notifications  before you complete the eGC1, SAGE will automatically send them (at Noon and 10:00 PM daily).
  • Whenever you add a new investigator.
  • At Just in Time (JIT) for eGC1s that were approved prior to 8/17/2012.

To send an email message to let each investigator know that they need to complete a disclosure, click the Send Disclosure Notifications button. Once you send the notification, the Compliance Details information (in the Personnel section) will change from “Disclosure Notification not Sent” to “Disclosure Required”.

If an investigator has an unlisted email, that information will display under their name in the Personnel section. When you select the Send Disclosure Notifications button, an informational message appears, explaining that the standard email text (as shown below) will be included in an email to the eGC1 Preparer with instructions to forward it to the investigator.


Note: SAGE will send only one email notification to each investigator. If an investigator misplaces the email message, they can access FIDS at  http://www.washington.edu/research/tools/fids/

Disclosure message details

  • Subject Line: Indicates that action is required to complete a disclosure for a specific eGC1
  • Email Content: Includes
    • the investigator’s role
    • the eGC1’s number and title
    • the PI’s name
    • the sponsor and sponsor’s deadline
    • a link to access FIDS and instructions to get started
    • OSP deadline information from GIM 19
    • a reminder about FCOI training for PHS sponsors

August 2011 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features

  • SAGE users will be required to select or specify an organizational code which ends in fewer than four zeros.
  • When an eGC1 with any EH&S compliance question answered “yes” is funded, EH&S will be notified.


  • Fixed the PAC notifications so that all Pre-Award Budget Contacts, eGC1 Creators, and Administrative Contacts will now receive Post-Award Change (PAC) email notifications.
  • The F&A checkbox displays correctly when the F&A rates are customized at the period level in SAGE Budget.