Accessing SAGE


SAGE is a secure application that requires a UW NetID to log in. In addition, you must have at least one authorized role which defines what operations you can perform within the SAGE system. Some roles include a limit, which restricts you to working with specific items.

  • Authorization: SAGE uses the UW ASTRA (Access to Systems, Tools, Resources and Applications) system to manage SAGE authorizations. You can request the appropriate SAGE ASTRA role(s) from your unit’s ASTRA authorizer. To find your administrator, click Who can Authorize Me?.
  • ASTRA Roles define what you can do in the SAGE system. Your responsibilities within an organization determine which roles you need. Visit the View My Authorizations page to see your current ASTRA roles.
  • Limits identify the administrative or academic unit(s) where you have access (for example, a division or department). SAGE uses Organization Codes to identify specific units.

Common SAGE Roles

The most common roles are listed below. For more information, see the SAGE ASTRA Roles page.

Any eGC1 with a matching, or lower-level code, for

  •  Org Code Receiving Funding
  •  PI’s Selected Unit
  •  PI’s Academic Home Unit
Access Needed Assign This Role eGC1s That Can Be Accessed
To view eGC1s, but not to edit, add, or approve them SAGE Read-Only with an appropriate Organization Code Previously routed and routing eGC1s in the appropriate Organization Code
To create new eGC1s Proposal Preparer Any that you created, are a contact for, or are assigned access to
To edit existing eGC1s when not an owner, the creator, a contract, or assigned access Global Edit with an appropriate organization code
To Approve or Watch eGC1s Appropriate level reviewer role (Div, Dept, Dean) with a corresponding organization code Any with a matching, or lower-level code, for Approver or Watcher

The SAGE Read-Only, Global Edit, and reviewer roles require an organization code which defines the role’s limit or span of control.

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