New Advance Reviewer ASTRA Role Assignment

All fiscally responsible organizations (Departments, Divisions, Sub-Divisions) selected on an advance request will need to have one or more people designated  in ASTRA as an “Advance Reviewerfor the corresponding span of control (Organization Code). Division level reviewers will approve for Sub-Division organization codes. 

You can look up a unit’s ASTRA Authorizer using this tool on the ASTRA website. Select Organization and enter your unit’s 10-digit code.

All ASTRA Authorizers for existing SAGE Division Reviewer and Department/Center Reviewer roles have been granted authority to assign the new Advance Reviewer role.

Note: If an Advance Reviewer has not been designated, the Advance cannot begin routing for review. The ORIS Support Desk will be notified of missing reviewers and will help you resolve the issue. Once a reviewer is designated and approves the advance, the system will automatically route it to GCA.