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August 7, 2023

SAGE Features & Prioritized Issues

SAGE releases that require system downtime will take place after business hours, typically at 5:30 p.m. PST. A banner will be posted in SAGE whenever the system will be unavailable. We appreciate your patience.

SAGE Support: Please contact sagehelp@uw.edu if you experience an issue in SAGE. If you have contacted SAGE support about an issue, our agents will respond to your message as soon as possible and let you know once the issue has been resolved.

Updated February 22, 2024

Features Now Available

Expanded Award Filter Options

  • Status: Released on 2/6/2024 – The award filters section now provides users with the ability to select “All” status types and/or request types with a single click. OSP and GCA also now see their defaulted statuses highlighted for added clarity when they first enter SAGE Central..

Syncing of Award Data from Workday to SAGE

  • Status: Released on 12/20/23 – Workday awards are immediately available for modification and subaward use as soon as the new Award Setup Requests or Advance is processed in SAGE.

More Filters in the Award Requests List

  • Status: Released on 12/20/23 – Additional filtering options by Principal Investigator (PI) and Workday Award ID are now available for the Award Requests list.

Display of Additional Data in the Award Requests List

  • Status: Released on 12/20/23 – Additional data now displays in the Award Requests List, including short title and eGC1 for modifications, Workday Award ID, PI, Cost Center, and sponsor.

Search in the Award Requests List

Advance Extension Submission to GCA

  • Status: Released on 11/30/23 – Advance Extension requests no longer require selecting a budget number or sub budget. They may now be submitted to GCA via SAGE.

Subaward Submission Through SAGE

  • Status: Released on 11/9/23 – Subawards can now be submitted via SAGE. Because subawards are now associated with awards rather than Funding Actions (FAs), the FA lookup tool has been removed. View more information on creating a subaward in SAGE.


  • Status: Released on 11/9/23 – The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA) can now apply and remove holds on Award Setup and Modification Requests. Campus users are alerted via banner to the hold, and may view more information in the Comments & History section. View more information on holds.

New Features Coming Soon

New features and infrastructure improvements are coming to SAGE throughout 2024. Updates will be shared here and at MRAM on how the SAGE team is addressing four main priorities:

  • Improving SAGE system stability and performance
  • Improving OSP and GCA’s workflow to reduce backlogs. Targets include:
    • SAGE Budget Integration to Workday Plans for ASRs
    • Advance Request remediation to capture Workday required fields
    • Integration of initial Advance Requests to Workday for new award setup
    • Integration of Award Setup Requests when an award already exists in Advanced Spend status
    • Modification request enhancements to include links to SAGE Budget and improvements targeted at reduction in returns
  • Address high-priority support, maintenance, and remaining Finance Transformation remediation
  • Address technical end-of-life and technical debt

Prioritized Issues

The Workday Award ID is not displaying for recently processed Award Setup Requests

  • Status: There is a bug where recently processed ASRs may not display the Workday Award ID in the Award Requests List.

Personnel Lookup Search in Tasklists is not working yet; however, PI Name Search is working

  • Workaround: Please contact sagehelp@uw.edu if you need any urgent data pulls for personnel until this is resolved.

SAGE Tasklist search and filters run slowly for some searches and may timeout

  • Status: Some Advance request performance and Award request filter performance improvements were released in the 11/30/2023 and 12/20/23 releases. Other SAGE tasklist search performance is being evaluated; additional improvements will be delivered for those putting the most load on the system.
  • Workaround: Narrow your searches down to a smaller volume of records. For example, eGC1 search by sponsor could include date ranges so that only recent records are returned.

Fixed Issues

For a full list of issues fixed since UW Finance Transformation, visit the SAGE Release Calendar.


  • For questions about SAGE, please contact sagehelp@uw.edu.
  • For questions on award terms and conditions, budget extensions, award changes, subawards, and other sponsor-related questions, reach out to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at osp@uw.edu.
  • For questions on award information in Workday or financial terms and conditions, contact Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA) at gcahelp@uw.edu.
  • For full technical release notes, view the SAGE Release Calendar.