October 2020 SAGE Maintenance Release


New School of Medicine watcher on the eGC1 Approval graph

The School of Medicine will now be included as a Watcher on the eGC1 approval graph when any of the following Interdisciplinary Organization Units reviewers have been selected on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page of the eGC1:

  • Radiology Services
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute (ADAI)
  • Center on Human Development and Disability (CHDD)

The following image shows an approval graph with CHDD added and the School of Medicine watcher node.

example approval graph showing watcher node

SAGE Budget

Accessibility improvements and bug fixes

Accessibility improvements were made to all type-ahead search features in SAGE Budget. Now users who solely use a keyboard can fully navigate those features.

In addition some minor bugs were identified and fixed:

  • Special characters no longer cause errors in the type-ahead searches
  • The F&A base type for subawards has been removed from the Budget Summary totals table
  • Currency fields now display the zeros to the right of the decimal point
  • Budget titles that exceed the maximum length no longer cause errors

SAGE Grant Runner

Sponsor Budget Map issue with custom roles resolved

An error that occurred on the Sponsor Budget Map when a user entered a custom role in the Other Personnel section that exactly matched a Key Personnel role has been resolved. Users can now enter any custom role for Other Personnel.


Award Signed Date

A new Award Signed Date field has been added to FAs, NAAs, and PACs. This field is intended to capture the date when the last signature needed for the agreement was obtained. The field will require the user to either enter a date or select “Not Required” prior to approval for all new agreements. This adds a valuable data point for award reporting, and will be used by the School of Medicine and Clinical Trials Office to verify that agreements have been signed prior to enlisting participants in clinical trials studies.

The following image shows the new fields on a Funding Action.

funding action with new award signature fields