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SAGE: Creating and Submitting eGC1s

Please Note: This course is offered via Zoom while COVID-19 concerns exist and is 30 minutes longer to allow for possible technical difficulties. However course content and course credit hours remain the same.

SAGE is the university’s web-based system for submitting a grant application and routing it electronically for campus review and approval before it is submitted to an external funding source. This course will teach participants how to create an eGC1 (electronic Grants and Contracts form 1) in SAGE. A combination of lecture and guided practice is used to provide participants with the opportunity to create, attach documents, and submit an eGC1 for approval.


Proposal preparers and reviewers

Research Administration Certificate


Last Updated

Sept 2020

Course Materials

Pop-up Blocker Handout, Creating and Submitting eGC1s Practice, eGC1 Training Sample, OSP Contacts


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