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Workday Finance & Research

This page brings together information and resources to help the UW research community navigate the July 2023 transition to Workday Finance.

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Escalating Problems & Getting Help


When you encounter problems with Workday Finance, or other integrated systems, please refer to the following guidance:

  • Report issues using the UW Connect Finance Portal. The problem reports will go to your School/College Shared Environment. 
  • Check with your unit to make sure there are no approvals pending (e.g. for invoices) or corrections needed to Award Setup and Modification Requests. Reminder: Principal Investigators (PIs) are required to approve subrecipient invoices on a bi-monthly basis using Workday.
  • Refer to SAGE Features & Prioritized Issues and GCA Known Issues. The problem you are facing may have a workaround or fix in the works.  

Urgent Requests 

If you experience delays in getting the support you need, or for other pressing matters, refer to central office urgent request processes:

Escalation Process

If your project is at risk of losing funding, collaborators, or vendors, refer to the “How do I escalate an urgent sponsored research problem?” FAQ for a step-by-step escalation process.

Attend Meetings, Office Hours, and Forums

Live events are great opportunities to ask questions and get help from experts.

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Office Hours


Changes & Resources 

Explore the Changes & Resources subpage for a list of key resources for the Plan/Propose, Setup, Manage, and Closeout research lifecycle stages.

Award Data & Reporting

New! The Grant Planning and Forecasting Tool, Post Award Dashboard, and Principal Investigator Dashboard are now available.

Refer to the “What tools and resources are available for award data and reporting?” FAQ for a list of resources.

Weekly Volume

Refer to the following pages for information about Award volume:

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